Dog Beard (4671-4675)

I recently learned about dog bearding from Stefé. Thank GOD I know younger people because without them I would live in a world devoid of important popular culture.

… which means my father would be even further behind the times than me.

I must have discussed fail videos recently (although honestly, I can’t remember) and we had this email exchange.



Never heard of fail videos until your blog.  Hilarious!  Love the one of the groom tripping and taking out the bride and preacher. Have to watch some together when we’re in Boulder.


U can make a whole night of watching fail videos. Google bikini fail if u want to have a good time.  By the way, my iPhone autocorrects “you” into “u” which makes me look like I’m 12. I can’t fix the fucking thing!
Shadenfreude squared!  Wonderful!  Even  some pole failures!
Dang, that was lightning fast. And BTW, it’s “fail”.
Proof that I really focus on you.

No sacrifice is too great for your dear daughter.

So now my dad is youtubing chicks losing their bikini tops on the internet. Awesome.

Aaanyway, I thought perhaps I should make my own contribution to this genre of pet photography with my dear Blue. Minion came downstairs to ask Lonny about something and I said, “Hey, I need you to help me with something.”

Minion: What?

Me: I need you to take a dog beard picture of me and Blue.

Minion: What’s that?

(Minutes of googling ensue)

I dragged him outside and we started to shoot.

Minion: The light’s all wrong out here.

Me: Then let’s go inside.

Minion: I’m kind of hungry and would like to get lunch.


Alas, he has no talent for washed-up hipster ironic photography and LIKE EVERYTHING ELSE IN THIS WORLD, I had to do it myself. Voila!


I showed my beautiful self-portraits to Lonny, fully expecting him to mock me and my blog. Instead he said, “What? I… Is he supposed to be a mustache? Can I try it?


Who does it better? Me or Lonny?

Time to cut the crap.


Total Costco impulse buy. DONATE.


You know how I feel about this soup. DONATE.


Pillowcase. DONATE.


Cute ceramic soap dispenser that has a crack on the bottom and leaks. TRASH.


A clock radio that the boys dug out of the trash but still works and yet is STILL TRASH.


Empty glasses case that Lonny’s brother-in-law mailed his glasses to him in. TRASH.

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