Air Horn Kid (4640-4650)

Pamcakes’ son attended Sunflower Farms Camp this week with my boys. On the last day she joined me at the coffee shop to enjoy some free wi-fi and pretend to work while what we actually did was watch fail videos on youtube.

Pamcakes: “Do you ever laugh at inappropriate times?”

Me: “All the time.”

Pamcakes: “How about when someone gets hurt.”

Me: “Yup. I have a friend who is still mad at me because in high school I laughed uncontrollably when the driver of the car I was in (not me) slammed on the E brake and caused my other friends to rear-end him at a high speed on a scooter. (Sorry JJ)

Pamcakes: “Then you have to see this video. My boys call it Air Horn Kid.”

We watched this video about 25 times and then had to go outside because the other people in the coffee shop were giving us that annoyed look.


Then I showed it to Lonny and Minion and they laughed too. Well, Lonny laughed. Minion always seems a little perplexed by us.

Pamcake’s boys know the kid in question. As far as we know, he is alive and well.


As promised, car washing supplies. I know there is more buried in the garage somewhere. TRASH.


A jar full of useless pens. Look how tiny and cute the pasta jar is. I don’t remember them ever being this snack sized. TRASH.


Dead florescent light tubes. RECYCLE.

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