Extreme Stacking Behavior (4916-4925)

I really ought to be more organized because I in my heart I am a compulsive stacker. I also love flow charts and databases. Whenever we go out to dinner I feel compelled to stack all the plates up and clear the table for the server.

I’ve never worked as a waitress (I’m too cranky to be consistently nice to everyone) so I don’t know if this is obnoxious or not. I like to think it is helpful. I do know that is isn’t helpful to take something off a server’s tray because it screws up the balance.


Tiffin’s,  Indian


Fate Brewery


Chez Thuy, Vietnamese


Backcountry Pizza

I know that it is annoying to post pictures food so I imagine that it is even more annoying to post pictures of dirty plates that food used to be on. It’s Saturday.

Time to cut the crap.


More crap from the endless resource that is my garage.


This bad boy would suck two C batteries dead in less than an hour. Hallelujah for LED technology. TRASH.


Stupid, filthy sponge. TRASH.


One of those wheelie cart things you’d strap to your luggage. In 1980! I’m gonna throw caution to the wind and bet that I am not going to be a bag lady in need of this thing. RECYCLE. Ditto the baggie (that is so old that the plastic is brittle) of old pens.


Random shit to throw out.


You would not believe how much car polishing stuff there is in the garage. I think Lonny got most of it at garage sales for when he had a vintage Chrystler New Yorker and liked to spiff her up for a Sunday drive. I think we could get rid of all of it because I’m not the type to lovingly wax my car on a sunny day. I’m going to talk to the boss about it. TRASH.


I don’t think we have hard water. Plus, this stuff has solidified into a solid mass. TRASH.

13 thoughts on “Extreme Stacking Behavior (4916-4925)

  1. I worked as a waitress for a long time…….until I got fired for telling a customer to “fuck off”. Actually it was my 5th time of telling a customer to “fuck off” so I totally agreed with the landlord when he told me he had to ‘let me go”…..

    Anyhow……helpful as it may seem in most places if your boss sees a customer piling plates its assumed that you have not been doing your job as a waitress and the customer has been sitting there for donkeys looking at dirty plates. Plate stakers would piss me right off (but then again so would everybody else)

    • Oh no! And I was just trying to be helpful. This presents an existential crisis for me. Stacking plates makes me SO happy. Like, really, really happy. It makes me feel accomplished. What do I do?

      I have an acquaintance who says that you don’t have to tip if you stack because you are “Doing the server’s job.” Of course I don’t agree, and he’s a dick and everyone knows it. I’d love to see him at your table. I’m still waiting to watch you unload onto a deserving idiot one of these days. I’ll be hiding behind you.

      • May I suggest a compromise? When the server comes to clear the table, help him/her stack the dishes. You get to satisfy the urge and they won’t be sitting there for a long time and potentially get the server in trouble.

  2. We went to eat at Fate Brewery yesterday! Those ribs were super delicious. I also had the snap peas, which were amazing & I meant to ask how they’d prepared them- seems like it must be super simple and I have a TON of snap peas in my fridge right now. I did not, however, have any beer there. Hah!

  3. Certainly DO NOT help the server stack that just makes us feel that you are trying to tell us to hurry up- then we rush and drop plates.

    If you enjoy stacking go do it somewhere outside a restaurant there is no way that you can stack and not somehow piss the server off or make them look bad.

    The Solution- Boulder Creek- go stack rocks in pretty little piles. Or – Boulder homeless shelter- bet they would LOVE you lot to go stack some plates for them.

    Want me to psychoanalyze that shit for you? What is it in your life that causes you to find happiness from stacking and tiding used crockery? Are you looking to make sense out of the chaos? Is it your dirty mind that you are trying to organise? Hmm?

    Just sayin……;)

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