Daisy Cutter (4890-4915)

Daisy Cutter: def Originally designed to create an instant clearing in the jungles of Vietnam, the BLU-82B/C-130 was test-dropped there from aCH-54 Tarhe “Flying crane” helicopter. Later it was used in Afghanistan as an anti-personnel weapon and as an intimidation weapon because of its very large lethal radius (variously reported as 300 to 900 feet/100 to 300 meters) combined with a visible flash and audible sound at long distances. — Wikipedia


or Blue’s farts after consuming Korean BBQ ribs. — Vivienne

Perhaps vying for Blue’s love with leftover ribs from Fate Brewery wasn’t such a good idea. I know who will be getting up at 4am tomorrow.

Blue: Pfft.

Me: Oh my God! The farts!

Lonny: Who, you? Or the dog?

Me: As if! Come over here and say that to my face!

Lonny: Oh my God. Scrotus! Open the door! The door! THE DOOR!

Don’t get all mad at me for taunting my dog with food. I learned everything about taunting animals and children from my old housemate Jefé.

Here’s a video that I made of him feeding Testiclese when he was just a baby.

I miss living with Jefé. He was as twisted as me and was always thinking of ways to get me back for torturing him. I booby trapped his bedroom on several occasions  with antlers and hoofs and once used my son as a guided missile to humiliate a lady friend of his COMPLETELY BY ACCIDENT.

He moved in when Testiclese was two years-old and I didn’t get out of the house much. Fucking with him was often the best part of my day.  As you can see, I cribbed many of my signature moves from him.

I realize that I write about my dog and kids a lot. I’m sorry but the summer sequester has me running low on material. 27 more days!

Time to cut the crap.


Shit I pulled out of the garage. Oh my God. It is crazy in there.


Timbuk 2 computer case. It’s dirty and scuffed. I think I’ll give it away.


A whole bowl full of seed packets. Lonny will never let me get rid of them but I think I can say that 15 years is probably past the use by date. I’ll eyeball the lot at 20 packets. TRASH.


Desiccated Turtle Wax. Do you think it’s still good? TRASH.


Do you remember when this stuff was all the rage? I must have been in high school which would make it 20 years past its prime. Oh the plethora a “stone” lamps, vases and bookshelves. Good riddance. TRASH.

8 thoughts on “Daisy Cutter (4890-4915)

    • I was wondering that myself. You took it to your corporate team building games day to intimidate your rivals but I’m not sure what happened to them after that. Maybe they’ll turn up. BTW, we need to come down to Denver. We’re out of the camp woods!

  1. Awgh shucks, I made the blog! You going to be around Saturday so we can return that ice cooler thing that Steph used after surgery?

    *Jeff Alexander* 720-231-2426

  2. Thanks for the laugh, Viv. We were just talking dog farts and how we always know its Romulous thanks to the pfft sound. Then the burning tire aroma. Damn, that Micah is CUUute!

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