Maximum Adaptability (4778-4776)

It’s a slow news day which is good. I’ve been extra angsty but I managed to work it all out and now I can focus on the things that matter, like how stupid my dog is.

I caught him doing this today.

Maybe it’s because his water is too low. Danes need to have their water dishes elevated.

Roger that. His dishes are elevated in the house and he is always welcome to go inside for a drink. I think he’s just stupid.

He’s no tool using primate. (

An evening on the porch with some delightful company set me straight, though. I love meeting new people, especially ones that say magical words like, “Just drop your kids off at the studio and go to happy hour.”

I’m talking about Justin at Apex Movement in Boulder. I was having a little soiree at my house to thank the volunteers who are helping do the build-out for Vertical Fusion Boulder and some of the Apex people came along.

I’ve been hesitant about getting my boys in Parkour, first because it is new to me. Second, because Lonny showed me this video and I was like, “That’s cool but there is no. fucking. way. I’m letting my kids do that.”

Crazy, right? I brought up my fears with Justin and he assured me that safety is their number one concern. People learn in a gym with mats and specially trained instructors. Kids are taught body dynamics, proper form and how to safely land or roll out of a trick.

I’m still a little skeptical but the truth is that my boys climb up everything. EVERYTHING. We can’t walk down the street without them climbing up onto something and jumping off. Maybe this will make them safer? We’ll see.


The love to climb up to the transom and hang out.

Perhaps a little Parkour would be good for me, too. I could use some cross training and everyone who is good at it has a wicked physique. That sounds good to me.

Time to cut the crap.


Bowls that don’t match anything. We are past the plastic bowl stage, too. DONATE.


An old Mickey Mouse bib. I wish we were out of the bib stage, the boys still wipe their fingers and mouths on their shirts and it irritates me to no end. I dutifully yellremind them to use a napkin EVERY TIME but it hasn’t sunken in yet. Nonetheless, they aren’t wearing a bib. DONATE.


7 thoughts on “Maximum Adaptability (4778-4776)

  1. Good luck getting your kids to use napkins. I’ve been trying to train mine since the day they started feeding themselves and they still won’t use them. They wipe their hands on their clothes or furnature and it drives me insane. They will not use napkins!

    • ABC is wonderful! We’ve been to parties there. We are so fortunate to live in a town with so many great things for kids (and grownups to do). Thanks for the link to aplateaday. I’ll be spending some quality time there.

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