Singin’ In The Rain (4740-4757)

Hey everybody, it’s my 300th post! In case you didn’t know or haven’t attempted to “publish” something every day, 300 is a lot. A LOT. I’m pretty proud of my accomplishment, although I’m not done yet.

Enough patting myself on my back, I’ve got a camping post to write. Yes, I went camping. Anyone who lives in the Colorado Front Range may be asking herself, “Didn’t it rain like shit this weekend?”

Well, yes. It did. But neither me nor my friends will let a little (lot) rain stop us from having a good time.


We stuffed the van full. We loaded up the dog and walled him in since it is a short drive to Estes Park and he never stretches out anyway.


I have a thing for giant tents so Lonny found this one for me at a garage sale for $30, it’s 14×10! The vestibule was perfect for Blue’s sleeping quarters.


Alana planned the whole thing, down to the food and reservations. All I had to do was show up. It was almost like being married to a woman. I would marry Alana any day and I know that Lonny wouldn’t take exception to that. Alana is the perfect woman.


Chilled melon. Swoon! And Lonny. Double swoon!


Ladderball is an excellent camp game and the balls can be easily weaponized.


Tabby brought her rodent Chihuahua. Testiclese was in heaven trying to win the little rat over (that hamburger bun I gave him to feed the “dog” helped) while Blue seethed. He would give anything to be tiny and carried around all the time.


Tabby stretches out with the rat. I can’t believe it managed to escape Testy’s grip long enough to jump on her.


Your eyes are not playing tricks on you, she is grilling bacon. It was the best bacon I’ve ever had! But then I felt bad about all that tasty grease being wasted so she pan fried the rest so we could cook the potatoes in it.


We hiked to Cub Lake which was the longest hike the boys have done to date, about 6.5 miles. The pace might make an adult want to jump out of his skin but hey, everyone was a kid once. Kids deserve patience and people who are willing to show them new things and take them on adventures. I am glad to have people in my life who feel that way, too.


The area was burnt last year which made for a dramatic landscape. I couldn’t help but admire the persistence of nature.


Cub Lake was overgrown with water lilies. Testy was so proud of himself for making it to the lake before the other kids.


I made Dutch Apple pie, camping style.


It rained cats and dogs one evening. Alana and Ben, in their infinite wisdom, brought an Easy Up to keep our supplies dry(er) I told Pam and David to come inside but they preferred to huddle like refugees. Later they told me they got a kick out of watching the water flow under my tent.


Yay giant tent! We brought the tequila in and waited it out.


The rain washed away the ground cover and left rivulets in its place. We stayed dry, though.


This dish was left in the rain. You can see how much water accumulated in just an hour.

Time to cut the crap. Lonny pulled these albums for me, because he loves me. I’m going to DONATE them.

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