Do Me A Favor

Hello my dear readers (especially my original 13) I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind doing me a little favor.

If you get my latest posts by email, would you mind clicking on the link to read on-line?

I have a few really good reasons:

  1. I edit and update my blogs constantly, often seconds after posting it and sometimes a dozen times. If you read what comes to your inbox, I guarantee you it is full of typos, errors, and is generally shittier than the updated version I posted minutes later. I also tend to add photos if the end result doesn’t look balanced enough.
  2. Email readers don’t show up on my stats. My work is thankless and nothing makes me feel better than that little bar graph that shows people have been reading.
  3. You can like, comment, and rate my blog if you are reading on-line, but not if you are reading the email. I really love hearing from you and getting a sense for whether I hit the mark.

I changed my settings so you will get only a summary in your inbox, but I don’t know about all this technology. I paid extra money so you wouldn’t have to look at ads, too.

Thank you so much for taking a few minutes out of your day to keep up with me. It never ceases to amaze me that anyone reads my blog (except for my dad, HI DAD!) and I appreciate that you allocate your precious time to my stupid ramblings and selfies of me and my dog. You are the best.


9 thoughts on “Do Me A Favor

  1. I feel the same way when people only read the email versions of my posts. However, I found a way to fix it where the email only shows a couple paragraphs of my post. So now, if people want to read the whole thing, they have to click on “read more” or whatever. I forgot how I did it, but it’s probably in your settings somewhere!

    PS I loveee your dog! So pretty!

    • I think I did that. It was in the reader portion of the dashboard. I guess that means I need to start each blog with a bang.

      Blue is a very pretty dog, which is good because he’s dumber than dirt.

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