Lonny’s Tiny Pecker (4726-4739)

And I wonder why I get so many pervy search terms.

Lonny was feeling a little left out that I didn’t use a picture of him in his Brut Speedos so this post is for him. It’s apropos of nothing, I just came across this photo of him and Dinky, the little chicken who could.

I brought her up for a little skin to feather time to help with her Failure to Thrive syndrome.

I brought her up for a little skin to feather time to help with her Failure to Thrive syndrome.

She came inside a box of two day-old chicks we ordered from Indiana. She almost died of vent blockage but I unstuck her girly parts and then gave her a blow-out to boot. We’ve been heavily bonded ever since.

BTW, I was looking up a link to explain vent blockage and I came across this intriguing/disturbing video of two guys who are way too in their hen’s business. “One hole wonder.” This is for you, Pamcakes, since you are so “busy” at work these days.

I couldn’t find A SINGLE simple definition of vent blockage during my cursory search. They were all disturbingly graphic and way too much information. So here it is. It’s when the chicken’s vent (where the poop/pee/egg comes out of)) becomes sealed shut with dried poop. They will die if you don’t clean it off with warm water. Usually this doesn’t happen, FYI, but in Dinky’s case, it did.

Dinky bounced back. She's a survivor!

Dinky bounced back. She’s a survivor!

I like to force animals on Lonny. He always puts up a fight, being all stern and laying down the law, but he’s a total softie. For instance, I caught him lying on the dog last night, stroking his velvety ears oh-so-lovingly.

The more I watch this video, the stupider it gets. Skip it, people. It’s not worth your time.

Today I overheard him telling someone that Blue has a $700/year medical allowance, and then it’s no heroics for him.

$700? A year? I thought we agreed on a $350 lifetime cap! I’m sure he would administer mouth-to-mouth if called upon.

I guess the dog is worth it. His lips are very soft and it doesn’t matter what I’m wearing or what time of the night it is, I always feel safe walking him.

Time to cut the crap.

Image 1

Down comforter and pillow. The pillow is too old and soft so I’m going to TRASH it but the comforter is plenty good. DONATE.

Image 2

A cute little doggy backpack. I got it during my Harajuku snowboard gurl phase. DONATE.

Image 3

Crap I found in the car. TRASH.

Image 4

Party favors and 3D glasses. Since I will never go to a 3D movie again, TRASH.


Shawn wanted a 70’s jacket like Brad Pitt circa Ocean’s Eleven. I was thinking more like Starsky and Hutch. Lonny found this one for him in the garage.

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  1. My daughter needs a new down comforter. She is moving into her new apartment today. 🙂 (Are you sick of me calling dibs on stuff yet? Lol!)

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