Why Won’t You Let Me Love You? (4582-4592)

The Macbook Air saga continues.

Despite Minion’s efforts to fix my wi-fi issues, I am still finding myself with sporadic internet. I figured it would be less aggravating to go to the Apple store and hand my computer over to a “genius” to fix. My intention was to have the previous (and less buggy) operating system installed.

I was informed that because I have a new fangled air card in my computer, downgrading wouldn’t be an option. But the genius helping me was a familiar face so I felt hopeful that she would be able to figure it out. She doodled around and found several potential issues and fixed them, I hoped. Meanwhile, I enjoyed some blazing fast internet while in the store.

I was all ready to get home and compose a make-up letter to Apple, telling them that I forgive them as long as they promise to never do it again. Do you want to guess what happened?

It’s back to the drawing for me. Because the wi-fi worked at the store but not at home, I am lead to believe that it’s a problem with older model modems and my wi-fi card.

Fine, I’ll buy that, but I didn’t buy this computer thinking that I would have to upgrade the rest of my hardware. I’ll be at their door tomorrow.

On to more interesting things, the condition of my kitchen. All this travel/retreat/camping has laid waste to my housekeeping. I spent the morning cleaning the house and enlisted the boys’ help at the bargain low price of $1 each. I got them to wipe down the floors, baseboards and do the dusting.

Scrotus volunteered to clean the bathroom and I was like, why not? He actually did a great job and imagine my great amusement when a few hours later he said, “Well that’s annoying. I just cleaned the bathroom and someone peed on the toilet seat.” Is there a word for when you finally feel understood?

Oh, that’s right, it’s VINDICATED.

Here’s a couple cute pictures of the boys playing with their chickens. After all, it’s Saturday and my numbers drop on the weekends anyway so why not post any old stupid thing I want? Just because I’m participating in A Post A Day doesn’t mean that every post is great. Voila!


Testiclese and Blondie, our favorite chicken. She’s sitting on a couple snowboards that Lonny just sold on eBay.


Scrotus and Hannah, enjoying a little free-range time.

Time to cut the crap.


A lidded vessel I made but the lid doesn’t fit right. A crystal lowball glass that Lonny bought a Howard Higgman’s estate sale. He was a professor at the University and his legacy was the Conference on World Affairs. He was also a legendary drunk which meant Lonny cleaned up when it came to scoring great glasses. This one, a personal favorite, is cracking in three places so it’s time to go. The sticks were found underneath one of my couches while cleaning (gleaned from a hike, no doubt) and a ramekin that is a great color but no longer my style. TRASH and DONATE.


I etched the vessel and underglazed it, but the glaze overpowered it. TRASH.


Scrotus got this for his birthday, put it together and forgot it. I’m going to give it away.




I have a hard time getting rid of boxes because I hope that maybe I can put all the pieces back with the instructions and sell it on eBay. But who am I kidding, that will never happen. I’m TRASHING this box.


I don’t know where this footstool came from but not a few hours after I set it outside by the trashcan, a woman came by and took it. She just got a vintage trailer and wanted to outfit it with period pieces. You know what they say about one man’s garbage.




Lonny picked these up at a garage sale, they are both filled in already. RECYCLE.

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