Happy 4th of July!

I just got back from our camping trip up at Calwood. All I had to do was bring a pillow and lunch, the rest was taken care of by the Butterfly Club that does the annual 4th of July Butterfly Count. Now that’s my idea of camping.

I watched in delight as my boys exhausted themselves chasing butterflies in the field, playing lawn games like Cornhole and Bongoball and being mostly independent. Camp rules.

I also had NO INTERNET which is only marginally different than being at home where I have NO INTERNET. I have yet to resolve my Mountain Lion/Airbook situation, although I got a teensy bit excited to come within range and receive a text from Minion telling me that he had solved my problem!

For an awkward moment I thought I might have feelings for him. But I always have feelings for anyone who makes my life easier.

Alas, it was all for naught. My wireless is still fraught with problems but at least works sporadically. All I have to do to fix it is go to my Macintosh HD, open the library folder, open the preferences folder, and delete the configurations folder and then hard reset my computer. And then it works great for another 30 seconds. What could be easier?

Ironically I got this very nice request from Apple during the 30 second interval that my wi-fi was working.


Dear Apple Customer:

We’re very interested in getting your feedback regarding the last Advisor you spoke with, Chris, on your recent call to Apple support. The case id number for this call was: 46275xxxx.


Well, Apple, as a matter of fact I do have some feedback. Not about Chris, because he was nice, but perhaps about the shitty OS you released that is making my life very difficult. As well as your refusal to admit that you fucked up big time. But you can’t do that, can you, because you might be required to FIX THE FUCKING PROBLEM!

Meanwhile I am being kept from my very important work. I’M A BLOGGER! I HAVE 13 FOLLOWERS WHO MIGHT UNSUBSCRIBE ME IF I DON’T POST ON TIME!

No. I will not be having any special feelings for Apple when I go to sleep tonight.

I find it a little perplexing that Minion, who is a self-professed Apple hater and would not stoop to working on one, still was able to come up with more creative solutions than, “Call Comcast.” Just sayin’.

This is a perplexing image I got when I Google image searched "Freedom from England". Not exactly what I had in mind, although quite compelling.

This is a perplexing image I got when I Google image searched “Freedom from England”. Not exactly what I had in mind, although quite compelling.

But I’m putting that behind me for now and posting this video we took of Blue when we picked him up from Tabby’s house. She’s a Brit, incase you didn’t know, and I love to make fun of the way she talks and how I can’t understand a single word she says.

All that racket in the background are Tabby’s British mongrels getting all yaptastic.

I have had animals all my life, but mostly cats. I felt a little warm and fuzzy about my big dummy after I dropped my friend off after a four day absence and was BLOWN AWAY by her beloved Schmoopy’s total lack of excitement about her homecoming. If there is anything a dog is good for, it’s making you feel like you’ve been missed, even if (as it is in my case) in involves covering me in slobber and tearing up the sod.

Happy 4th!

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