A Doctor Teaches About Leprosy (4537-4548)

I had put on the Secret Society Meeting agenda a viewing of “A Doctor Teaches About Leprosy” before I sell the whole shebang on eBay but alas, we never got around to it. And Ann Marie was so excited about it. We were far too busy UrbanDictionary-ing the meaning of Cream Pie. Oh, and FYI, I will not be using the infographic that comes with it.

We’re all middle aged (and awesome!) women and these new fangled sexual terms that those whipper-snappers bandy about are a mystery to us. WE NEED TO KNOW!

Boy, were we ever disappointed.

It turns out to be plain old vanilla married sex and we were expecting so much more. I mentioned it later to Lonny and he was like, “Oh, it means x,y,z” and I was all, “Why don’t they just call it unprotected sex?” and he went into this long-winded explanation about the aesthetics of pornography and I was all STOP! I get it!

Then we had to talk (a lot) about the deliciousness of the drink Ann Marie brought (Porch Swing: Jack Daniels and grapefruit Izzi), then Pamcakes showed up with Sriracha Deviled Eggs and the next thing you know the night had gotten away from us.

It was probably for the best, it took me a while to figure out how to use the damn projector. I thought installing software was tricky. Now I get to share this with you.


The Beast


Nice remote!

I can see why people are all into Steampunk. Vintage machines are so cool, shiny and … heavy. They just feel solid and real.

I figured out how to get the dang thing to work and put the roll of film in. There must have been a booklet or record (etched in wax, no doubt) to go with it. I created a gallery of all the stills for your enjoyment. I don’t feel comfortable getting snarky about any of images, the people in it were devastated by this disease. But it was kind of interesting and while I didn’t think it was gross (I have boys after all) you might so be warned.

It was waaay more interesting than some of the other rolls I looked at. I looked at “The Cookies Weren’t That Good” which ended up being what amounts to a precursor to a Power Point discussion on how to get kids more interested in church because the cookies aren’t cutting it. I’ll post it at a later date.

Uh, enjoy?

Time to cut the crap.


Stuff from under the bathroom sink, except for the CDs.


This is a pull-string “electric” razor. I don’t know how well it works but I’m certain it has never (or rarely been used). Who wants it?


Baby Bjorn toilet seat reducer (adjustable). I kept this kind of thing around for my friends with kids, but no one ever used it and I’m tired of looking at it. FREE.


Kid’s Putumayo CDs. $2 each.


Lonny brought this home but was devastated to discover that it was a reunion tour t-shirt and not truly vintage. What’s up with Scary’s face, BTW? I know she is a woman “of color” but her color appears to be zombie. I bet she was ticked. DONATE.


Lonny loves this place. Whenever he goes missing for a long time I’ll text him “Did you get lost and have to stop at Hazel for directions?” Usually. DONATE.

By the way, I may go dark for a few days. I’m heading to a pole retreat in the mountains and may or may not decide to blog from it. I will definitely blog about it when I get back so stay tuned.

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  1. Matt gets lost in Hazels every Sunday. I usually get a text asking me to come and ‘find him” with the car ….and to make sure that the trunk is empty.

    I do NOT want that T-shirt.

    Have a fun retreat!!

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