Twenty Pole Dancers Walk Into a Studio (4460-4497)

As you may or may not know, I hosted Marlo Fisken while she was in town teaching pole workshops. Having a nice guest room has its’ benefits, I get to meet all kinds of interesting people.


Lemony was very excited to have her teach at Vertical Fusion. “You want to take her class, Viv. Marlo is the real deal.”

No doubt.

Marlo showed up at my house after a long day of teaching and was ready to hit the sack but first she joined me and the boys in the kitchen for a few minutes. Of course Scrotus was like, “So when are we going to meet the pole god?

(Sigh) I can’t tell those boys anything.

I pointed sheepishly to Marlo and said, “You’re looking at her.”

“Goddess,” she corrected.

“Our last pole guest was David C. Owen, they are still getting their deities straight.” I explained.

I took Marlo’s WTF (Work the Floor) workshop and because it was so packed we had to go in groups, which allowed me to watch the other dancers.

There was one incredibly hot guy in the class, too.

There was one incredibly hot guy in the class, too.

I felt like a teenage boy peeking into a the girls’ locker room. Really, the only thing screaming through my head was,


The class was awesome. In person, Marlo is pretty much a normal woman. A ridiculously fit and superhumanly talented normal woman. She walks around in her t-shirt and jammie pants when she gets up like, just the rest of us.

But in class? She taught us a backwards summersault shoulder roll thing that every single one of us (well, maybe just me … and Shé) questioning our sexual orientation, until I tried to do it myself and I was questioning which way was up.

Her work feels like part capoeira, part break dance, part modern dance, part gymnastics, and the fluidity and grace with which she moves is simply mesmerizing.

What I love about pole dancing is the deep appreciation I felt for every person in the room. Competitiveness goes out the window for me.

I can’t compete with them, many of them are competition pole dancers, instructors and studio owners. I wondered if I even belonged in the same room with them. In the studio I can replace useless insecurity with admiration and respect. It’s a wonderful thing and I know it goes both ways.

Marlo had us do a freestyle exercise where she called out the speed she wanted us to move at, going from zero (total stillness) to four (complete spazz). I was transitioning off the floor and was leaning back into a deep squat, on my toes, when she called zero. I struggled to hold it, my legs were vibrating until they were jumping. But I held it and I could hear women yelling, “Go Viv!” It wasn’t perfect but but they were applauding my determination.

Ok. Marlo told us to get all tangled up, but I'm the only one doing it except for the upside-down woman, which makes me look like a really creepy clinger.

Ok. Marlo told us to get all tangled up but I’m the only one doing it, except for the upside-down woman, which makes me look like a really creepy clinger.

I’m happy to be in the same room with these people. The creativity, strength and grace is inspiring.

Afterwards a bunch of people came over for dinner. I made three pounds of kale salad and watched in awe as they ate every single bit of it.


Okay, time to cut the crap.


Do you remember these film strips? Not to bely my ancientness, but I remember being in kindergarten and looking at this kind of film strip set-up.


Finally, a high volume purge.


You have to appreciate what a hunk of machine these projectors are. It comes with some extra bulbs so Zeb’s going to see what it is worth on eBay.


These are some awesome titles. “Live or Die, I Must Ride” aka the story of my road trip.

“The Cookies Weren’t That Good” aka how my kids react to almost everything I cook.

“A Doctor Teaches About Leprosy” I kind of want to see that one, maybe I’ll roll it out for my Secret Society meeting tonight.

“Travel is Fun Part II” aka Say It Enough Times and Maybe You’ll Believe It.

I’m selling all of it on eBay.

11 thoughts on “Twenty Pole Dancers Walk Into a Studio (4460-4497)

      • Why do you put yourself down like that? You are amazing! not stiff at all and not uncoordinated at all. I totally admire the way you dance. I wish I could have been a this event, sounds amazing.

        • I haven’t been dancing in a while. I need to get my grooove back. But thank you, you are right. I need to give myself a little more credit. I’m slow to learn but once I get it, I’m pretty solid.

  1. Unforgettable workshops and an unforgettable dinner! Thank you again for your hard work and generosity. <3

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