Glutton For Punishment (4447-4452)

I’m feeling much better today, thank you. Eleven hours of solid sleep really makes a big difference in knocking back the fatigue. I crashed at 6pm and woke up around 5am.

The irritation I felt at Zeb for letting the kids sleep in their clothes (filthy from being at the park) on a bare mattress (the sheets were in the drier, just waiting for ya pal) didn’t do anything to temper my enthusiasm for The World Famous MARLO FISKEN to arrive at my house tomorrow. She’s here to teach workshops at Vertical Fusion in Longmont.

In my house!

In my house!

In my enthusiasm I was like, “Let’s throw a reception! Invite everyone!”

I can’t help it, I think life should be a party.

Yesterday I mentioned my frustration with the fact that every time (all of two) that a pole artist comes to stay at my house, I’m just returning from two weeks of inactivity and gluttony. Why can’t they ever arrive when I’m in shape? Why? WHY?

If I can’t impress with my physical prowess, I’ll wow them with my cooking.

The house is in pretty good shape for a large gathering. I kinda just mentioned to Zeb that we are expecting 35 people for dinner on Saturday and that vein in his forehead got all bulgy and he was like, “WHAT? NOW? ARE YOU KIDDING!”

But I had an ace up my sleeve. “Did I mention that it will be 35 pole dancers?”

“What can I do to help?” Attitude adjusted.

This morning I took the dogs for a walk with Tabby and was appalled to see what Blue did to the seat in just two minutes.


That is 100% slobber. Do you still want a Great Dane?

This just tickled me today. I noticed this BMW motorcycle in the parking lot and the first thing I thought was, Elmo?


D’ya see what I’m saying? I doubt that’s the impression the owner wanted to give. Heheh.

IMG_1904 - Version 2

Elmo loooooves kisses!

Time to cut the crap.


I made the boys cull the stuffed animal herd today. This isn’t even the start of it. But it’s a start. DONATE.


One of those toys you buy your kid to make them smarter but it never gets used. At least I didn’t buy it. It was free. DONATE.


Zeb got me these to help with my plantar fasciitis but this is for the heel, not the arch. DONATE.

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    • I need an update on your situation! I’m sure you are up to your ears in well wishers but remember that I am here for you once things calm down. My neighbor offered a set of dishes, we need to know your clothing sizes, etc. AND I need the Paypal account for donations.

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