Shawn and Rachel

My heart is heavy right now. My good friends Shawn and Rachel (perhaps you recall me challenging Shawn to do pole tricks) lost their house in the Black Forest Fire.


Rachel with Dusty


It’s almost beyond comprehension. I haven’t been keeping up with the news and it wasn’t until we stopped to chat with a neighbor on the lake did we hear about the Black Forest Fire.

Isn’t that where Shawn and Rachel just moved?

I sent her a message immediately. Zeb talked to her that night. They had been evacuated but their house was okay, they got their horses out. The next morning I got word that their house was gone. Almost 500 houses have been lost to date.

They had just rented the house and were full of excitement to have the Black Forest in their back yard. It took all their savings and almost a month to make the move. They were able to save their animals but may not be able to keep them. They lost everything: a car, clothes, all their belongings, tools, instruments … gone.

I can’t say I know how they feel. I understand the loss and the shock, the difficulty of grieving in an unfamiliar bed, relying upon friends and strangers, not knowing what was next. But I also had an insurance agent hand me a check while the house was still smoldering to get us re-established. Shawn and Rachel don’t have insurance.

My heart goes out to them and I’m eager to get home so I can help get them back on their feet. Zeb and I can at least help with shoes and clothes, perhaps help rebuild Shawn’s record collection, maybe some tools. Shawn is a woodworker and painter, his tools are his trade. We can give them a place to stay and take care of them they way they have taken care of us.

If you are in the area and want to help, with them or any one of the thousands of displaced and homeless people, please like the Colorado Black Forest Fire Facebook page and get updates.

Look around your house. What do you need? What is simply extra? Do you have a spare room? There are so many things in my home that take up space and get in my way, yet they might be just what someone needs to get back on their feet. Please help, not only Shawn and Rachel, but the thousands of people in need.

15 thoughts on “Shawn and Rachel

  1. Ugh, that’s terrible… I remember the pole dancing with Shawn post, too. Will check out the FB page but if there’s anything we can do to help Rachel and Shawn specifically, please let us know!

  2. thanks for lov1`n us viv we have nothing and i know it sounds trite but we realy need money we have no deposit money for a new place so i think ther is a pay pal acc set up on our facebook i dont know how to accecss it (someone set it up for us) but its there im so frazzled i cant think strait so bless you all and keep praing for us

    • Please post the Facebook page, then. I’ll do the rest. We have lots of bedding (comforters, pillows, sheets) as well as domestic stuff (towels, etc.) Please DO NOT BUY ANYTHING until you talk to me first. Save your money for things I cannot give you.

  3. Viv, I am so sad for Shawn and Rachel. I am in Boulder County and will help, too. Can you message me privately? I don’t know how to get to you privately to give you my email address.

  4. Oh no! I am so sad to hear this. Definitely link to the fb page when you know it with PayPal info. We’ll donate. And I’ll see if we have anything items to donate. Ideas on first priority items?

    • Right now their priority is to get a place to live. Until then they won’t have room to store anything we give them. Your donation is much appreciated. I’m waiting on the link.

  5. Oh that’s awful…. Why didn’t they have insurance? I hope they can keep their animals.

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