Road Trip, Day 2

We made it to our first destination in record time. We left Boulder at 5am and arrived in West Virginia at 1pm. Booyah!

We decided to forgo the motel and sleep at a rest-stop outside Lexington, Kentucky. I slept with the dog in the back and Zeb and the kids slept in their seats. Zeb and I only needed a few hours of shut-eye and we figured it would take longer and cost more to stop at a motel.

I have been enjoying the ride so far. I usually have a pile of computer work to do when riding in the passenger seat but this time I decided to enjoy having nothing to do. Despite being in a car with two kids and a large dog, I’m more relaxed than I’ve been in a long time. I’ve been passing the hours by taking pictures of the dog. Which really annoys Zeb. Which is another one of my favorite past times.


Here’s a picture of Zeb noshing on an extra-hot habañero Slim-Jim. Forcing people to eat really spicy food is a source of joy for me. I kinda dig the disgustingness of road food although I wouldn’t eat this myself. I thought it would be fun to torture the dog with it.


Notice the proximity of the Slim Jim to Blue’s nose. So cruel!




We arrived in West Virginia to stay the night with Zeb’s best friend. My first son is his namesake. And people thought Scrotus wasn’t a family name.

The internet here is sub-glacial so this is going to be a very short post. Even my mobile phone doesn’t work. Plus, the kids are w-i-r-e-d after a day and a half in the car and acting like total brats. Testiclese Sr. is a bachelor and, even though he’s visited with us many times, I don’t think he’s ever seen them quite like this.

I guess that the steady diet of Crispy Crémes and Red Bulls weren’t such a good idea. Just kidding. But seriously, you’d think they were snorting lines of cocaine and crushed Smarties given the way they are acting.

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