Sometimes the Magic Works (4408-4410)

I’ll tell you a little something about me. I sew when I’m really stressed out.

I’ve been dealing with stress this way since I was 18 and knew my way around a sewing machine.

Whenever I was dealing with something particularly difficult, especially if there wasn’t nothing I could do about it except just be with it (i.e. getting broken up with, troubles at work) I found it to be a great way to get my mind of things and be productive.

I read that thirty minutes of fine motor activity is as good for stress relief as anything, including meditation. It makes sense. You have to focus on the detailed task in front of you, thus taking your mind off of what’s bothering you.

I have a friend who is one of six children. She said her mother would retreat to the attic to work on her doll-house. She made all the furnishings painstakingly by hand. I loved thinking about how she channeled the stress of having so many children into something beautiful and tangible. It’s a perfect illustration of how one can turn negative energy into something positive.

So I’ve been sewing a lot lately, which means I’ve been seriously stressed out. Some things I won’t write about, though. The good news is that (hopefully) the situation is resolved and my dining room will stop looking like a sweatshop.

It wasn’t helping me at all when the end results were fugly as hell, though. The spin cycle in my head was compounded with guilt over spending time and money on something that didn’t work out.

My last success made me happy, but it wasn’t the win I was looking for.

Nice but no cigar.

Nice but no cigar.

I gave it one more whirl and made this. I am elated.


Joy is in town and whenever I think of her, I think of flamenco dancing. She was on my mind when I made this dress.

I followed a pattern that always works for me and added the full circle flounce to the hem, with a gathered ruffle underneath in contrasting red.


Sewing is a mystery to me. I’ve made this dress twice before (with different details) but this one fits me the best and seems to be the most slimming of the three.


I enjoyed adding details like this lace fringe to the bust line, the red piping towards the hem and the contrasting ruffle.

My life isn’t perfect, although I have little to complain about. I am grateful that I learned how to make lemonade very early in life.

Time to cut the crap.


Joy is visiting and I’ve been sewing like a mo-fo so I only dug up three things today.


A broken water bottle. TRASH.


Decrepit Crocs. TRASH.


A homeless person slept under my spruce tree. Awesome. He left behind some signage. TRASH.

11 thoughts on “Sometimes the Magic Works (4408-4410)

  1. My mom also had 6 kids, but I can’t recall that she had any particular outlet for herself. She could sew like an expert but I don’t think she did it for stress relief. Instead she smoked cigarettes and gave herself COPD. Me, when I feel highly stressed, for some reason the thing I want to do is clean the house, have things straightened up around me. It helps. You look nice in the dresses…

    • Well, that’s another way of dealing with stress. I like mine. And I like yours, you can be stressed out at my house anytime you want.

  2. Wow the new dress is gorgeous and it looks fantastic on you. I’m so jealous! lol When I get stressed I make tags. (you’ve seen my blog) Now when I get antsy and feel like I can not sit still, then I clean house. Burns off that excess energy.

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