Scissor Me Timbers (4393-4407)

Everyone is talking about stupid workouts these days. Prancercise is getting the lion’s share of the press. Last I checked, there were over 4 million (MILLION) hits on youtube for this video alone. Jesus, if I knew all I had to do was put on some white yoga pants and make sure I was showing Plenty Of Camel Toe and prance around, I could be rich, too.

I thought I’d add my contribution to the genre with this video I made last night at a BBQ/Badminton Throwdown. It turns out that Harmy considers herself unmatched when it comes to leg wrestling. I bested her so fast that she had a mini existential crisis.

Feeling rather full of myself, I challenged Jason to a wrestle. I did better than Harmy (he took her down fast) but I put up a good fight with him, he actually had to work for it. Harmy was concerned that on an earlier match we might burst vessels in our foreheads and bleed out.

So here it is, the new work out craze, Leg Wrestling. It’s guaranteed to work your core (truth) and we both limped away feeling like we had pulled a hamstring. And for my audience, I don’t have any toe to show for it, but there is ample bush.

It works better if you aren’t laughing.

Enrique got on me for wearing granny panties and I was all What? Fuck you! Those are the sexiest panties I own, they go all the way up my butt, as Jason can attest. I don’t think he realized when he woke up this morning that he was going to do battle with the poodle. Life’s a mystery.

Time to cut the crap.


Two lipsticks I will never use. TRASH.


Five wheel thrown mugs. I prefer my hand built work so these are up for grabs. Tabby, are you over my castoff’s yet?


Zeb brought home these little red vases. We’ve been giving them away to our local coffee shops so they will have something to put his flowers in.


The old, squirrel chewed cushions, where they belong.


The new, hopefully squirrel proof, cushions.

7 thoughts on “Scissor Me Timbers (4393-4407)

  1. I will never tire of your castoffs! I have already drank coffee out of them- and I dont even drink coffee usually but I made Matt make some just so that I could drink coffee out of one of those cute little coffee cups!

    The tea mug makes the best cup of tea ever. I will tell you why: Its large which is crucial as I like to drink tea in BIG quantities, but unlike most tea mugs it is Tall and Straight. This allows for wonderful tea bag circulation and it also keeps the tea hotter for longer. Schoolboy error to all those manufacturers who make the mugs that are short and wide, the fucking tea goes cold really fast! That tea mug you made is superior.

    • I’m feeling sheepish about the cushions. They really cost too much. I was vindicated in my selection of the vinyl marine fabric, though. Not minutes after installing them did my boys come out with some blueberry smoothie pops I made and spilled the purple goo on the them. It wiped right off.

      Don’t feel like you are missing out on my mugs. I’m getting rid of them for a reason. Tabby just happens to like awkward and ugly things. You should see her hairless dog. Werm looks like a burn victim crossed with a hyena.

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