Could You Be More Annoying? (4383-4392)

The blush is off the rose. Summer officially sucks. That shrieking 7:40am school-year version of me that I hate is nothing compared to the harpy-like summer version of me.

This is enough to wear anyone down.

Where did they get the bullhorn? From my mom, which only confirms my lifelong suspicion that she hates me and wants me to suffer. Well played.

Minion came downstairs at the end of the day and in all the din I hadn’t realized he had been here all day. Quiet as a church mouse, that guy is.

I lamented my situation and he was like, “We’re only a week and a half into summer vacation.” and I was all, “I realize that.”

“You need to find an independent hobby that will neutralize them.”

Neutralize. I like that. It smacks vaguely of military intervention.

“You mean like video games or TV?” I asked.

“Those are effective methods, but probably not the most beneficial to their development.”

Did I mention that Minion is a computer geek?

Time to cut the crap.


I am running out of space for mugs so I’m getting rid of ones I don’t like. I hate the handle on this. I’m GIVING IT TO TABBY.


I think it is ironic how this says, “Friends are more important than money” but it’s made specifically to hold gift cards to Lululemon. TRASH.


Stuff I found in a bowl. TRASH.


More shit I found in a bowl. TRASH.


One of Lonny’s octogenarian friends brought this over for his Scrabble group. This is only the shittiest wine ever. I’m gonna make some wino’s day.

5 thoughts on “Could You Be More Annoying? (4383-4392)

    • I’d do anything to keep from getting tan. Another stressor. I get melasma (hyper pigmentaton) on my face so I don’t even enjoy that aspect. My glass is half full.

      • I am trying really hard not to get tan. I have had to be at the dermatologist more than I would like lately, but there isn’t much to do inside, and we have no carpet so the sound just bounces everywhere… So we go outside. I need a mumu and a large fabulous floppy hat.

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