And one time, at pole camp (pt. 2)

My second morning of the Vertical Fusion Pole Retreat started with paddle board yoga. I’ve done it once before in Mexico with Cushie and our instruction consisted of the guy handing us our gear and pointing us at the ocean. The rental was for two hours but after about 15 minutes of trying not to […]

And One Time, At Pole Camp …

Lonny has been very concerned about what’s happening at pole camp. Most importantly, he is worried that we won’t set up the pole. And wouldn’t that be so embarrassing for us (and disappointing for him)? I think his imagination kind of ran away from him when I told him that we were going to spend […]

A Doctor Teaches About Leprosy (4537-4548)

I had put on the Secret Society Meeting agenda a viewing of “A Doctor Teaches About Leprosy” before I sell the whole shebang on eBay but alas, we never got around to it. And Ann Marie was so excited about it. We were far too busy UrbanDictionary-ing the meaning of Cream Pie. Oh, and FYI, […]

Vicious Dog Warning (4508-4536)

This morning Lonny and I took Blue out to Teller Lake for a little walkie-poo. It’s a Green Tag area which means that if your dog is under complete sight and voice control, you can get a tag that allows them to be off-leash in designated areas. Blue isn’t even remotely under sight and voice […]

Savor the Memories (4498-4507)

It’s the weekend which means Kiddy Birthday Parties Galore. On the one hand, it is E-Z parenting. All I have to do is show up and let someone else feed and entertain my kids for a couple hours. Bonus! Today was Harmy’s daughter’s birthday so I could kick it in the shade while chatting up […]

Twenty Pole Dancers Walk Into a Studio (4460-4497)

As you may or may not know, I hosted Marlo Fisken while she was in town teaching pole workshops. Having a nice guest room has its’ benefits, I get to meet all kinds of interesting people. Lemony was very excited to have her teach at Vertical Fusion. “You want to take her class, Viv. Marlo […]

Turkey Stalker (4453-4459)

We celebrated the summer solstice by going to Sunflower Farm for open farm night. It’s a magical place where kids can be in nature, interact with animals, blah, blah, blaaaaaah. That place has really freaky turkeys! They walk around like they are sex on a stick, so bowed up that I suspect one day they […]