2013 POLEder Boulder Recap

The 2013 POLEder Boulder was a huge success!

It has been so long since I’ve danced in public that I was nervous about this event.

Lucky for me I have friends that lifted me up and reminded me how good it feels to fly.

Lucky for me I have friends that lifted me up and reminded me how good it feels to fly.

It started with me dropping off the X-stage (my new nemesis) at Harmy’s house along with brunch for the next day’s party.

I went to bed early and woke up at 5am to walk the dog, shower, shave and dress in the dark. Not a good idea.

For one, I put my g-string on wrong and the thing was SO uncomfortable the whole day. I was kinda freaking out over gaining so much weight that my otherwise comfortable panties were binding like a mo-fo. It was only afterwards that I realized they were tight because I shoved my waist through a leg opening. My bad.

And two, while queuing up in the bright light of day to take a spin on the pole, I noticed that I missed a spot. Melanie just about fell over when I yanked an offending hair out and triumphantly held it up with a “Get-em!”

Other than that everything went perfectly. It was soooo happy to see some my friends who I haven’t seen in so long.

Why I Pole Dance

Why I Pole Dance

Nitro lost a whopping eight pounds for the show and was in good form. He’s the king of “It’s so wrong, it’s right.”

Nitro never smiles.

Nitro smiles for no one.


Lashes gives Nitro a few.

And Nitro's Dream

And Nitro’s Dream

The Goods

The Goods. I insisted that he “double bag” this year. Since he doesn’t own a G-string (tsk) he shoved a pair a briefs under his speedo.

None of it would have happened without the support of Vertical Fusion and dancers from Boulder Spirals. THANK YOU! Once again, Harmy let me take over her house and invite everyone I know to a party. Thanks Harmy!

2013 Dream Team

2013 Dream Team


Twirl Girl with me in the background looking unimpressed, but believe me. I am VERY impressed. Doctor by day, mother by night, POLE STAR ALL THE TIME!


Melanie, who I can’t thank enough for being so kind and welcoming. Her studio is a place of acceptance, self-love and sisterhood.


Lashes, my inspiration. She started pole dancing about a year and a half ago and went on to place in her first competition ever, Miss Oklahoma. WOW!


Chrissy, always gets in the newspaper! I’d hate her for stealing the show if it weren’t for the fact that she deserves the limelight! Chrissy is the most fun, sweet, girl-next-door ever. She also rocks the most wicked side crunch in knee hold.

Nina rocking the best Marley ever!

Nina rocking the best Marley ever! Nina knows how to make things happen. You can always count on her to show up and keep her word. Look for her upcoming Colorado Pole Championship.

If it weren’t for Nina Reed, I wouldn’t have these great photos. Thank you Nina for doubling up on pole dancing and shooting. Talk about multi-talented!

These are some videos I took with my little Canon. I’m so sorry that there isn’t any footage of Nina. And Melanie, I’m sorry that the first clip is of your crotch.

We weren’t planning on making bacon this year but two of the local papers reported that there would be some at Mile Marker 5 so we felt pressured into doing it.

Lonny Frye hands out the bacon to the runners during the 2013 Bolder Boulder in Boulder Colorado.  Photo by Paul Aiken / The Boulder Daily Camera / May 27, 2013

Lonny Frye hands out the bacon to the runners during the 2013 Bolder Boulder in Boulder Colorado. Photo by Paul Aiken / The Boulder Daily Camera / May 27, 2013

Personally, I have issues with meat as entertainment but Al bought the bacon and Zeb cooked it up.

I have a feeling that the pole dancing eclipsed the pork. Hopefully, future people will slow down in front of Harmy’s house for the show rather than the cold, greasy, heartburn inducing snack.

Way more fun that bacon!

Way more fun that bacon!

Here are photos from Nitro’s camera.

And here are photos from my camera.

The Bolder Boulder is an interactive race so it only made sense that some brave runners would take a whirl on the pole!

Chrissy makes some firemen's day!

Chrissy has a thing for firemen. And the President.



Thank you to everyone was was involved in making this event a great success. See you next year!

11 thoughts on “2013 POLEder Boulder Recap

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  2. These pictures (and athletes) are amazing. I took a class once and holy cow is that a workout. Also, thank you for introducing me to the term “double bag” ahaha

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