One Year Anniversary & Last Day of School (4331-4240)

Today I’m deep in sewing projects and end-of-year parties so this will be a short post about my dog. And kids. Again.

I wish that every day’s post was on par with yesterday’s masterpiece, but hey, I am not regularly in the presence of greatness, either.

We got Blue just about a year ago from a large breed dog rescue organization, I can’t believe that so much time has already gone by. I wrote this post shortly after we got him, once he started to show us his true colors.

He’s come so far but he still has a long way to go. Taking him to the dog park has helped tons as well as daily walks and lots of love and structure.

Most of all, I just wanted to post this picture of him from when we first got him.


He was such a gaunt and haunted looking soul who barely weighed in at 100 pounds. It’s no wonder I couldn’t let him go.

Look at him now. Fat as butter! Well, maybe not that fat, but getting there. He’s sleeping off his morning jaunt at the dog park and keeping our yard safe from squirrels.


And speaking of major milestones, Scrotus and Testiclese are now officially 3rd and 1st graders! They had a fantastic year  and earned the summer off.

Image 2Scrotus is at that unfortunate age where he gives me the stink eye every time I pull out my camera. Which is all the time. But you get the picture. They’re big.

Time to cut the crap.


Meager offerings. More boy’s underpants. Scrote told me that they are too tight. I’ve been waiting for this moment. Those boys just got out of their 2T swim trunks this year and I’ve been waiting for their tiny butts to catch up with their legs.

6 thoughts on “One Year Anniversary & Last Day of School (4331-4240)

  1. My son said the other day, My hip hurts. I ask to see and see a painful red mark all the way around his waist. He had been wearing a pair of underwear that HAD to be two years old. Why do they do this?!? Is it a boy thing? He has plenty of well fitting underwear but picked the one pair that cut off his circulation. I think it is because the Hulk was on them, but really who knows…

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