Making Harmy’s Day (4318-4330)

I purchased this salter at least 15 years ago at a little antique store  in town. I’ve never used it once. But I saved it because it’s lovely. I’ve passed over it many times during my purging process but today, with Harmy here, I was inspired to give it away.

I tried to embed this video the way I always do (paste the link) but this time it won’t work. Why does WordPress hate me? Does anyone know how to fix this because I’m too lazy to read through a dozen forum threads.

This is the best of both worlds, I get rid of something but it is staying “in the family” with someone I love. I promise to visit!


I’m getting crafty again and ended up at the fabric store this afternoon. I’ve been doing this long enough to know that all the energy I have for a project quickly disappears after I get home and survey all that is before me. With this in mind, I’m trying a new approach.

I got home, immediately put the cloth in the washing machine to pre-shrink it and set about cutting out the pattern templates and then the fabric itself once it dried. I even pinned the darts. Then I neatly folded up the paper pieces and put them back in the envelope.


Now I can start each project fresh, without the hours of boring toil that are a necessary evil of sewing.


I am always tempted to keep all the scraps for making doll clothes or hand pieced quilts. Both of which I am fully capable of doing but, let’s get real, there are no dolls in this house and I won’t be making a quilt again. Ever. TRASH.






And here’s some more shit I found in the garage. I am so overwhelmed by it. I know that everything I am looking at, though it might look like trash, has some kind of value. Zeb said he’d go through it with me one day.

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