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I couldn’t believe that Pamcakes agreed to run the TitleNine Mother’s Day Race with me. We’ve never run together before and it was a spur-of-the-moment thing on her part.

As we stood in line and waited for the race to start, I informed her that I am very chatty when I run. She looked at me with apprehension. “You don’t do that thing where you talk nonstop while running circles around me, do you?”

“I probably won’t run around in circles if that’s what you are asking.”

That’s when she put in her earbuds. Was that supposed to be some kind of subtle hint? Never mind.

The TitleNine has the most anti-climactic start ever. There’s no gun, no jackrabbit starts where people start rushing like mad to get out the gate, just a slow meandering up to the starting line and a sorting out process that lasts an entire mile. It’s a rolling start, if you will.

We’re all wearing those transponder things so we can get an accurate reading on how bad we suck our time but I could tell from my splits that that first mile was slow going. I blame it on all those moms pushing the jogging strollers past me, it messes up my game.

The race organizers put them all in the back with the walkers, but it has been my experience that the stroller crowd is hard core. They should be up front, with the fast runners, and not forced to shove past the likes of me who has no excuse for being slow.

Here are a few notable things from this year’s race.

1) They stopped marking out the kilometers and just posted the mile markers. Okay. Then next time let’s call it a 6M rather than a 10K. I need to see those K’s pass by, they keep me going.

2) WE NEED MORE COWBELL. Usually there are lots of dads with their kids set up along the route with signs and cowbells and tons of enthusiasm. I think there were just two cowbells on the whole route. I love cowbells and people cheering me on. They make me run faster.

3) Nobody wants to eat chocolate on the 5th mile of a six mile race. Chocolove was passing out chocolate to any takers, right where the road turned from a dirt path to cement, which felt to me like I had just hit the brakes. Then the chocolate people turned up. Granted, they were just a blur as I streaked by (ahaha), but I could tell by their resigned faces and the chocolate melting between their gloved fingers that no one was taking them up on it. I might be into it 30 minutes after the race, but at the final push? Barf.

4) The race starts at 9am. Nine A. M. This is a group of (mostly) mothers. We do more before the sun comes up than you get done in an entire day. I have brunch to go to, people. Let’s bang this sucker out at 7am, before it gets hot, and get home in time to shower and be on the receiving end of breakfast in bed. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

5) I need to ask my family to be there. I used to enjoy running it alone and then meeting the guys at home because it allowed me to finish the race and get the hell out of there. But this time I felt lonely not having them there. It would have made my day to see them. I told them that they didn’t need to be come, but this year my family feels fragile and we need to be together as much as possible.

I see so many families in crisis right now. It’s common, everyone is breaking up or at least it seems that way. People are taking breaks and going on separate vacations (often a necessary evil when you have kids to take care of and are forced to tag out) but I don’t see more togetherness arising from all that time apart. Whatever happened to A Family That Plays Together Stays Together?

I miss my family. The boys are incredibly occupied with school and I feel like I hardly have any down-time with them. Someone is always in my house, standing between me and my husband, who I feel like I haven’t been alone with in six months unless we physically leave the house. Something has to change.

And it will.


This lovely dog bowl has been sitting under the picnic table for a whole year. TRASH.


This is from my latest sewing fail project. It was supposed to be a dress but now it’s a skirt. The top (which I removed) has been sitting on my couch for a couple weeks. Why? I don’t know, maybe it will fit better if it sits around for a year or so. Maybe I’ll reuse it. Or maybe I’ll TRASH it.

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