What Could Possibly Go Wrong? (4237-4246)

I was going to write about how I opened the paper to see that a guy I once knew was arrested for attempting to murder his neighbors by setting their house on fire while they slept. Geez, why am I not dating this guy? He seems perfect for me!

But then something way more exciting happened so I’m tabling that story for later.

A couple years ago we had a beehive. Because we failed to harvest the honey one autumn, the bees took advantage of the surplus and bred more queens. Our hive swarmed three times and some of our bees set up shop in an oak tree a few blocks away. Two other swarms were collected and relocated.

Our ultimate reason for having a beehive was to increase the number of pollinators in our neighborhood, so in that way we succeeded. However, we missed having a beehive because we love living on the cusp of disaster.

I was pondering whether I should get on a swarm alert list when Zeb came running in all breathless with news. “Chris just called and said there is a swarm just down the street! Do we have a spray bottle?”

I was all, “Yes we do! Hold on while I get my camera!”

I made this little movie. Enjoy.

And yes, I did cut some crap today. Where do I find the time?


I’m on a home beautification kick so I dragged Zeb to the Home Despot to pick up flowers for deck planters. I’ll post the after photos after I get my Billion Dollar Cushions back.


This is the picnic table that I recovered today. The sun bleached it out, can you believe it used to be blue flowers on a red background?


This is what it looks like now. Mmmm. Cherries.


I actually like these bowls a lot. Angela showed us how to extrude bowls and I made these. Alas, they aren’t practical and I never use them. I’m giving them to Tabby. Unlike the other pieces I’ve foisted off onto given her, these aren’t ugly fails.


Perfect for a baked potato with butter and sour cream. And salt. Lots of salt.


I hate getting t-shirts from races. I wish you could just opt out of them altogether. I will never, NEVER, wear this color. DONATE.


I found these planters rotting in the corner of the garden. I got them the last time I got it into my head to grow tomatoes on the deck, which was shortly before Scrotus was born. I swear this time it will be different. I’m growing them in the bathtub! TRASH.


And African Violet planter that has a hole in it. TRASH.


Detritus from the picnic table facelift. TRASH.


A bowl I made for washing and serving berries. I’m sticking to my all-white pallet. I’m giving it to Tabby. 

Today kicked my ass. Between wrangling bees, getting on my back to yank staples out of the picnic table and planting stuff (and then there’s all the kid stuff) I’m whupped. All I thought about was this moment where I schedule my blog to publish, take a cool shower and cuddle up with Zeb and the remote.


11 thoughts on “What Could Possibly Go Wrong? (4237-4246)

    • Bees are great. If you don’t want to go through the effort, you can contact your local beekeeper association and offer your yard to them. Sometimes there are people who are looking for places to set up hives. That’s how we got started.

  1. The video was brilliant! You guys are crazybrave! Well done for bee wrangling! Plus I am excited about the bowls that you dont want especially as now baked potatoes are a breakfast staple for me. With salt ….and butter….

  2. Wow! You guys are fearless! I don’t mind bees, but you wouldn’t have gotten me out there, docile bees or not! You’ll have to let us know how your hive does.

    • I’m not fearless, I’m impulsive. I once captured a hive with Chris while holding the box in one hand the camera in the other, videotaping the whole time. When he shook the hive into the box and the bees went everywhere, I had stay calm. No protective clothing whatsoever. Duh. And nope, I did not get stung.

  3. LOVED the video. How cool!! I’m too scared of them to keep them, but that’s awesome!

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