A Quickie (4247-4259)

My dad and step-mom are arriving on Thursday and I need to get my office/sacrifice-zone/guestroom in order. This post is really just to get the pictures up there so I can post them on my mom’s Yahoo group and hopefully get this stuff off my porch before the kids get home and totally freak out. Wish me luck.


Lots of yarn that never made it to the Whittier sale. Oops. The whole big back is yours for $15.


This game is called Chaos and it retails for $150.00. It’s essentially a Rube Golbergian device with balls and funnels and chutes. I have no idea if all the pieces are accounted for but for $30, it’s worth missing a few pieces, right? http://preview.tinyurl.com/cuqwrjd


The only chaos it will create is one in my house. My kids aren’t organized enough for this kind of thing. I’m counting it as 10 items towards my goal.


Diving Bell costume hat $10. They sell at Grand Rabbits for $25. Great condition. Not counting it because I already counted it back when I was still in the 100s.


Air Hockey game. It folds up flat when not in use. One of the legs needs a bolt but it sets up without it. Includes paddles but the puck is missing. Counting it as three items. $10. TAKEN BY SUE WOOHOO!

Seriously, I need to get rid of this stuff. Leave a comment if you want it.

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  1. Hi,

    I’ll take the air hockey table if you still have it:) I can come by tomorrow.


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