Mother’s Day Race (4229-4236)

It’s Mother’s Day and in my usual fashion I ran the TitleNine 9k (it’s actually 10K but it wasn’t as rhymie) with Pamcakes. We din’t get around to making the t-shirts, but we planned on being Team Off-The-Couch because we did exactly zero training runs. Well, Pamcakes ran three times, but that’s hardly hard-core training.

The last time I ran was last year, at the TitleNine race. I’m not really a runner.

My goal was to run a 10 minute mile and my average time was 10 minutes ….. and 57 seconds, but it’s the big number that counts!

I did the whole thing in about 70 minutes but I wasn’t looking at the clock because I was desperately hurtling towards the ice-cream at the finish-line.


See all these awesome ladies running? It’s such a fun run.


And that lady with the stroller in front of me? She passed me to get there, lots of them passed me. I’ve gotten used to being smoked by women pushing babies. Humility is a good thing.


Then I went to the pottery studio and found these little pieces waiting for me. Three porcelain bowls. I had a mishap with the wax resist so they aren’t perfect. Tabby likes imperfect things so I’m giving them to her.


These are salt cellars. I’m giving them all away, except maybe one for pink salt. I thought about saving them for x-mas but that would require me to have them in my house. I’m going to give them away now. Merry Christmas! That’s five more.


I simply love this shape. This was from the one day that the wheel was my friend.


This is a garlic keeper. Isn’t it darling? I love the little bird on top. It’s made from a hand-built closed form porcelain body.


I’m counting this baby as one.

And GOOD NEWS, Delin, one of my most loyal readers, saw the white leather chair on my blog and asked her daughter Lindsay to swing by and pick it up on the way to Kansas. Now she can have a 1980’s Cocaine Palace chair in her house, too!

Check out Lindsay’s website, she is such a talented artist. She made a masthead for me that I am saving to roll out later.

I got back from the race too late to have brunch and by then I didn’t feel like dealing with the crowds. I’ll have a nice lunch tomorrow.

Now I’m off to a Mother’s Day dinner where I will be the only mother in attendance. All the other moms split for a girls’ trip and the dads are consoling themselves over a roasted pork shoulder.

Such is my burden. Scrotus was born on the 13th which means his birthday and/or party falls on or around Mother’s Day, ditto Zeb. When he was born my neighbor, who also has a son born right around this time of year, told me that I will be celebrating Mother’s Day by entertaining other people’s kids. That’s okay, I like my spring chickens.

I’ll attend dinner tonight clothed in the mantle of self-sacrifice and smug superiority. What could be better?

A special note to Pamcakes: I can barely walk today. And forget about sitting on the can. I think I might need a pair of those “special” shorts we talked about to get me through the day.

6 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Race (4229-4236)

  1. Not only do I have a really comfy chair…but a terrific story of how it came into my possession! I make anyone who comes to the front porch sit on it and listen to my tale of reading Vivienne’s blog.and texting my daughter at 6 am mountain time (I’m at a definite central time advantage) to go find the chair behind your house. A big thank you to Lindsey…I didn’t know how heavy it was when I asked her to pick it up…that sucker should count as 10!

  2. Oh today is definitely an on the couch day. Special shorts would be so nice… My legs feel ok, but feet full of blisters. Great time yesterday!

  3. Love those salt cellars – so pretty! Also, kudos for getting out there and running the race. A lot of people wouldn’t have the guts to just get out there and do it!

  4. Hey, I’d be surprised if he even remembers me, but Happy Birthday to the K.C. Kid! (that means Kansas City). I’ve lost track–Scrote, are you seven now or eight? Does your mom let you read her blog? BTW Mom, I was talking to MKB yesterday and she was telling me about her take on Mother’s Day: that for the occasion she calls up each of her kids and tells them, “I’m glad I had you!” & in turn they each call her on their respective birthdays and say, “thanks Mom for having me!” Quite sensible and touching, I thought. That’s Keppie for you…

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