When A Blogger Goes Missing (4199-4228)

What happened to Mancakestheblog?

Blogging is a strange medium. There are all these writers out there who publish their work, at least weekly, often for no money, and make themselves available to their readers for on-line conversation. It’s really amazing.

Like most everyone, I have my favorite bloggers and I look forward to when I get an email notification that they have posted something new. One of these bloggers is Mancakestheblog. She was active on my blog, reading and commenting on what I wrote, and vice versa.

I noticed that it had been a while since I heard from her so I went to her page and saw this:

mancakestheblog.wordpress.com is no longer available.

The authors have deleted this site.

This is no good and I’m worried about her. She was in an on/off relationship with a controlling loser. She mentioned that she relocated for him and deleted a blog she started because it made him uncomfortable. I can’t imagine why, she rants about him all the time, but it’s art baby.

I don’t know her at all. All of our interactions have been filtered through the safe anonymity of WordPress but now that she’s gone, I don’t know how to find her. I hope she’s okay.

And I’m mad at her. She has a wonderful, unique, angry, and funny voice. I never delved into her archives but I was waiting for a slow moment … and now they are gone. She didn’t just stop posting, she wiped her work off the internet. I’m upset that I can’t read what she wrote.

I imagine there will come a time when I stop blogging, although I don’t know when that will be. I don’t know if it will be in a fit of ire like my exit from Facebook, or more controlled, like a gradual tapering off as life demands my time elsewhere.

But I can’t imagine deleting all that work, unless I was being threatened or felt like my exposure on the internet was putting me at risk.

Now I’m worried. If you know the author of mancakestheblog, please let her know that I am thinking about her, that I hope she is okay, and that this has nothing to do with that no-good SOB she was dating.

Time to cut the crap.


I gave this CD’s to Shawn. He said he’d rip them and bring them back and I was like, “Over my dead body.”

9 thoughts on “When A Blogger Goes Missing (4199-4228)

    • Strange, no? It’s additionally alarming that she seemed to be in a very unhappy relationship. I hope she decided she needed a fresh start.

      • I know what you mean. You feel like you ‘know’ someone online because you share a few conversations, have a laugh and smile when you’ve seen they’ve posted, but when someone goes missing, it just reminds you just how anonymous the internet can be. Fingers crossed that some update comes.

        Me and my friend are in the same boat on Twitter with a guy we used to talk to who hasn’t tweeted since Christmas Day last year. No warning, no nothing, literally. We hope he just decided to give it up as a New Year’s resolution.

  1. Seriously?! I loved Mancakes. Now, that’s a shame. So bizarre how folks just disappear. I guess you’re right though… sometimes life just goes in a different direction. It is interesting to hear a reader’s perspective on how the disappearance affects them though… Hmmm…. I haven’t seen a cast iron skillet in a long time…

    • I know! She was the best! And it seemed that her love life was troubled and had precipitated her leaving behind a blog and a community that she had worked hard to create. Has it happened again?

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