The Perks of Sleeping In Your Clothes (4186-4198)

I fell asleep fully clothed last night.

I had the foresight to brush my teeth before watching Justified with Zeb after the kids went to bed. I’m not sure what I like about that show. I mean, it’s kind of fun to watch hillbillies and meth-heads engage in feudal warfare, and I developed a mini-crush on Timothy Olyphant after seeing him in that cock-sucking, mother-fucking Deadwood show.

But then one day I thought, Hey, doesn’t he kind of look like Billy Bob Thornton? and I kind of ruined him for myself. Did I just ruin him for you? Oh. Sorry.


While I’m at it, have you ever noticed that Angelina Jolie looks just like her dad, John Voigt? You’re welcome.


I love it that he’s wearing a stupid hat.


See what I’m saying? People say she has porno lips. Actually, they are her dad’s lips. Ew.

Anyway, Zeb feels compelled to have a glass of strong liquor in hand while watching Justified and between that and spending the day with Shawn and Rachel again (i.e. drinking tequila and throwing stuff off the porch), I lasted about twenty minutes.

As much as I wanted to sleep on the couch and be done with it, I hauled myself up to bed and woke up fully clothed. I felt rather cute popping out of bed ready to go. I think I might be onto something. I just threw an old sweatshirt over that shit and wore it to the pottery lab. Yes I did.


And I made this stuff today. This batch of porcelain is very soft so I had to roll out slabs and let them condition overnight so they would be workable. People at the studio are not loving me right now.


A couple platters I slump molded. Ditto the soft clay issue and having to wait on working with it.


Some vessels I’m working on for, I don’t know, olives.


A wareboard of pieces to dry.

Onto other things.

We got Blue just about a year ago from a large breed dog rescue organization, I can’t believe that so much time has already gone by. I wrote this post shortly after we got him, once he started to show us his true colors.

He’s come so far but he still has a long way to go. Taking him to the dog park has helped tons as well as daily walks and lots of love and structure.

Most of all, I just wanted to post this picture of him from when we first got him.


He was such a gaunt and haunted looking soul who barely weighed in at 100 pounds. It’s no wonder I couldn’t let him go.

Look at him now. Fat as butter! Well, maybe not that fat, but getting there. He’s sleeping off his morning jaunt at the dog park and keeping our yard safe from squirrels.


Ultimately, it was this type of sensitive interaction that has brought him around. Zeb is truly a dog whisperer.

Okay, time to cut the crap.


Shawn can use these horseshoes on his new ranch.


This lovely leather and down chair is FREE! It’s in the alley behind me house.


Corner, before Rachel.


Corner, after Rachel.


We consolidated the helmets and gardening gear in an accessible but out of the way place. Under the stairs!


My porch, now.


The chair’s new home.

16 thoughts on “The Perks of Sleeping In Your Clothes (4186-4198)

  1. When I used to ride in horse competitions I would sleep in my jodhpurs to eliminate the 30 second dressing time when you have a 4am start. Makes perfect sense.

  2. “Stupid hat”? The hat is part of Joe Buck’s uniform, way before the Village People. Outside around the house is looking good! Blue too!
    p.s. I recommended the blog to my sister Chris, thinking she’ll get it and dig it. She’s about to turn 49 next week.

  3. Yeah I have to agree, Jon Voight is stupid–specifically, he’s a stupid, right-wing reactionary. The Joe Buck character in Midnight Cowboy was also stupid, he had the looks and the tight butt, but nothing between the ears. Then of course there is the memorable line directed at Mr Voight’s character by the “mountain man” in the movie Deliverance: “Ya got purty lips…”

      • I’m wrong about that? Just goes to show that you can’t win trying to one- up a film school grad with movie quotes. Be that as it may, Jon Voight’s character had the most blatantly luscious lips of the whole sick crew, don’t think them old boys didn’t notice…

    • Don’t challenge me on film quotes, I’m scary that way. That’s a $30,000 education for you! Yes, Voight has the most luscious lips but Beatty looked the most piggy which I guess was an aphrodisiac to that kind of folk.

  4. Thanks for making my day. What was a sweet video…it’s nice to hear children laughing…even if it was at your dog’s expense. AND I’m super pumped to see my new 80’s cocaine chair! Have a terrific mother’s day and thanks again!

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