Cradle Spin to Apprentice to Butterfly (4175-4176)

I have a small number of readers who look at my blog for pole dance stuff, so this one is for you.

I took a mixed levels class at Vertical Fusion yesterday and we worked on a few new tricks. I got my Extended Butterfly a while ago but I have never been able to go from Apprentice to Butterfly. I realize this must sound like gobbledy-gook to anyone who doesn’t pole dance.

Anyway, Melanie (but I like calling her Lemony) is great at finding new ways to approach a trick when I’m stumped. I’m good at the cradle but suck at the apprentice, I can’t get my leg up there. She had me cradle into it, which got my body in the right position and voila!

It needs a ton of work, that bottom foot doesn’t know what to do and I need to press into the Butterfly before the spin stalls, but it’s a big trick for me and I’m psyched.

Yes, that’s Scrotus videoing the move for me. Report me to social services. I’m just psyched to have a move that he can’t do. Yet. I can’t wait until I get Shawn drinking again because he’s gets all cocky and usually challenges me to teach him a move because he “can do all the hard stuff.” Whatevs.

My heart feels good after being at the studio. It doesn’t matter than I made a fool out of myself trying to bust a toe tap (don’t ask) and ended up flopping around on the floor like a very unsexy fish. I love being around women who like to laugh and ogle hot pole dancing men on the internet.

Okay, time to cut the crap.


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2 thoughts on “Cradle Spin to Apprentice to Butterfly (4175-4176)

  1. I so need to try this! I have always struggled with my Apprentice, but I finally got it last week, and yet I can’t figure out how I’m supposed to get my butt up in the air to get into Butterfly.. 🙂 And starting next Wednesday I’ll be going to Mel’s class as well, so I’ll see you there 🙂

    • I could never get into apprentice but the cradle is very easy for me. It gets my body into the right position. That said, it doesn’t work if I want to be aerial, but it’s a fun way to approach the pole and invert. Now I have to keep my bottom leg from doing the chicken thing.

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