Jalapeño Poopers (4141-4163)

I love Engrish. I’m not making fun of another person’s poor grasp of the English language (unless they are native speakers and just shitty spellers) I simply find it quaint. It’s like a fingerprint, or a stamp that says, “This was created by a real person and not a huge corporate machine.”

No matter how flawed someone’s ESL is, it’s 10o times better than my grasp of any foreign language.

I felt like some authentic Mexican food and Zeb favors a food truck up on blocks on the highway by the Sinclair station. It’s a couple guys cooking like crazy.

Since it was snowing we went to the tortillaria with a handmade sign in the old tire shop. The food was okay, nothing amazing, but the Jalapeño Poopers made me smile.


This is an amazing piece of Engrish that my friend Marie sent to me while working in Japan. I purged it after toting it around for years, but I love that it lives on.

img_3911 img_3912Totally fucking inscrutable. I love it!

In my travels I have come across so many awesome menus. Unfortunately they aren’t immediately available and there is only so much digging around I’ll do for this blog. And why? We have the internet!

I’ll admit to a generalizing because when I see some quality Engrish, I assume that the food must be good, or at least not Americanized. It was certainly the case at Ghurka’s where the vindaloo was blazing hot but nothing beats Jai Ho for the title of Best Engrish Menu. How’s the food? Pretty good, just stick to the buffet.

Jai Ho has the most inscrutable menu, completely undescriptive, unless “it’s a festive treat” means something to you. Actually it means “with goat bone shards.” Mmm. Yummy.

I visited their website and couldn’t resist posting some of their best menu items.

  • Jai Ho Lollipop Chicken (Chicken Wing lollipops!!! Are you crazy??? Every Table’s got to have one..)
  • Kuruma (Giant Puffy fried bread with many options and a bright future)
  • Chicken  Kal  Dosa  (Thick soft Dosa Topped with Chicken and served with chicken curry..Grand mom’s pizza anyone???)
  • JaiHo Spl Karaikudi Mutton (Chettinadu is jealous now, so from chettinadu with love…)
  • Kuppam Meen Kuzhambu (From the fishing hamlets of tamil nadu, who else make the best fish curry.. Duh!! )
  • Kerala Fish Curry (Kerala with all its backwaters and gorgeous coastline is obviously a fisherman’s paradise and they have a great fish curry with a coconut base)
  • Jil Jil Jigar Thanda (From the Land of Tamil with a Hindi name!! go figure..  yummy but u got to guess the ingredients)

I don’t know why stuff like this tickles me. Language is so delightful, even when it is misused, and sometimes maybe even more so.

Time to cut the crap. I went through my closet today.


Shoes. This is where my OCD kicks in. If I find a pair of shoes I love, I buy lots of them. The toe ring sandals are my favorite (who knew?) and I picked them up whenever I found some at a 2nd hand store. I would be wearing them except my Plantar Fasciitis won’t allow for it. DONATE. The Crocs are TRASH.


Dresses I made. FREE TO A GOOD HOME, fit’s a medium built woman, or size 5-7.


Athleta and Patagonia. eBay.


These are going to Emily.


Really cute set I got in Thailand ages ago. Size 5. Any takers?




Sweaters and a pair of boots I never wore. I’m going to bag them up for consignment next fall.

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  1. The dresses you made are pretty. Unless I’m mistaken I’ve seen pictures of you in them. But if it’s gotta go, it’s gotta go.

    • I have another denim with red piping dress, likely the one you remember. The black and gray one has a funny hemline that I have never been happy with. Thanks for remembering, though.

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