Accident Prone (4110-4140)

I have a wonderful friend, actually a couple of them, who seem to have the most accident prone dogs. I’m coming to realize that they aren’t extra accident prone, it’s just that dogs by nature are accident prone.

Like today with my big, stupid dog.

I had him on a short leash that was attached around my waist (thank God) and was leaving a message for a friend on the phone as we walked past a house with a short picket fence. I didn’t notice the large sheepdog quietly sitting on the lawn. He took a look at Blue and charged us and Blue charged back and they clashed above the fence.

What? Fuck! FUCK!!!

This is a random license plate.

This is a random license plate summed up my reaction.

Since I had him on the short leash I was able to use all my weight to jerk him away. Unfortunately he wasn’t wearing his snouty, it would have been easier to stop him. We ran like hell to get away and I didn’t notice until we were at the trail head that his nose was bleeding. Again? Really? Oh come on!!!


I took a different way home and I can’t even remember exactly where it happened. I’m not sure where the law falls in this situation given that Blue didn’t go onto their property and their dog didn’t leave his yard, so I figure it’s a wash.

If old Sheepy has a bite on his nose (which I kind of doubt) he had it coming but I’m not opening myself up to being chewed out for walking on the sidewalk with my dog on leash, or slapped with some stupid vet bill. That’s how shit goes down in my world.

Anyway, Zeb took the boys on a long birding excursion and I had the luxury of an entire morning and part of the afternoon to myself. I went grocery shopping, made soup, tidied the house, etc., reveled in how much more relaxing it is to do stuff with no one around. Even when the boys are perfect, I am always waiting for my reverie to be disturbed.

I even got around to registering for the Title 9 Mother’s Day Race. I’ve been running it ever since Testiclese was born and it has become my annual Mother’s Day ritual. Pamcakes said she’d run it with me this year, but only if we smoked the whole time. I agreed but told her I wouldn’t inhale. We’re both running it “off the couch” so we’ll need to gird ourselves against the humiliation of being passed repeatedly by women pushing triple strollers. On the uphills. This is Boulder.

She's faster than me, and not just on the downhills.

She’s faster than me, and not just on the downhills.

Time to cut the crap. I started in on the closets while the boys were out with Zeb. We’re screwed if it snows again but it’s time to change out the wardrobes.


Winter coats that are either too small, about to be too small, or redundant. DONATE.


I went through the boys’ closet and pulled out clothes that don’t fit or are ugly. DONATE and GIVE TO MR. RIPPLES.


The Moby Wrap I used for both my boys. I simply loved wearing my babies. I maintain that this and a bunch of FuzziBunz diapers are all you really need when you have an infant. I thought I would hold onto this forever, like a baby blanket, but I’m ready to let it go. I’m giving it to Kiki.

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7 thoughts on “Accident Prone (4110-4140)

  1. Aww, poor Blue!
    Fence aggression is nasty. My neighbors’ dog, a tiny little sheltie (compared to my big Ol’Yeller!) will, at some point have that fence come down to get to my dog. My dog just ignores this little sheltie (not territorial at all – horrible watch dog, haha). If you know the dog, and are invited inside, this little guy is really sweet. But, if you are on the other side of that fence – he wants to rip you apart. Ick… nasty stuff.

  2. Poor Blue. L And poor you. Sending you hugs! So glad you are alright and that Blue’s injuries weren’t worse. And YES, What?!?! Fuck! Fuck! I second that!

    • Ah Blue. As if I am not enough of a chaos magnet. A giant dog that invites aggression from other dogs and unsolicited comments from everyone we walk by is the perfect addition to my household, he fits right in.

  3. That poor sweet dog is a magnet for injuries. Poor baby.

    I’ve been reading for quite awhile (back in the days when you were posting things for sale on BRM) and I love your writing style. On a different note, have you already donated those boy jackets in the picture? Could I take those off your hands if you still have them?
    mommabirds {at} gmail

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