To Cone or Not To Cone (4082-4109)

Pawsitive Heather wrote a detailed post on the perils of dog parks and the warning signs that the mindful owner should be on the lookout for.

I must say that I read it with a sinking feeling in my stomach. Pretty much all of the bad things that I should be on the lookout for happen. Daily. With the exception of the un-altered concerns (i.e. un-neutered, go ahead and try to get Blue preggers, it ain’t gonna happen), Blue falls victim to just about all manner of doggy bullying.

Except for kids, Blue has a very long fuse when it comes to getting hassled. He’s like that smoking hot blonde that walks into a bar every dumbass in the room falls over himself to buy her a drink. In doggy parlance this is tantamount to forceful butt sniffing and, more often then not, attempted mounting.

Blue takes it in stride. Like the hot blonde he is, he’s seen it before and nothing can penetrate (heheh) his fortress of indifference. And it would take him backing up to the picnic table for any dog to have a shot at the bullseye.

He got a small cut a while back during a multi-dog pileup about a week ago. We decided against Home Surgery in lieu of letting it heal naturally. It’s a shallow cut – smaller than a dime – and it would heal except he keeps licking it.

What to do? Should I buy some bitter apple or should I just cone him up? It would be quality comedic fodder.

But it would also be a mess. The thing would have to be huge and I don’t know how he would get through doors or eat. Yuck.

If you haven’t noticed, this is kind of a doggy post. I promise you that I am not one of those dog people who just loves her dog and can’t stop talking about it, except for now. I don’t know what’s wrong with me, I just can’t seem to stop taking pictures of him.

Today we got ANOTHER snowstorm but I didn’t let that stop me from taking Blue for a big walk. Zeb joined me for a jaunt around Walden Ponds. The weather was pretty crappy, with snow blowing into our eyes and slop everywhere.


I drove out there, although I much prefer to be the passenger any day of the week. I hate driving. However, I don’t like it when Zeb drives because he likes to get all cute with the dog which causes him to drive erotically.



And then we got into a dumb argument about those things on the side of dog faces. They look like fur covered warts to me but all dogs seem to have them and I want to know what they are for. Zeb says they are dog lip “sensors” whatever the hell that’s supposed to mean.


God! What a stupid post this. I better get to purging some crap before I lose another follower.


I went through my patterns and pulled these out. Most of them have been cut out either size 10 or 12 women’s, and there is one maternity pattern and a couple kid’s patterns. FREE.

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2 thoughts on “To Cone or Not To Cone (4082-4109)

  1. Viv, thank you for referencing my blog! My heart lept when I saw I was tagged (OMG it has never happened!). However, I understand the way you feel (I felt that way too after realizing my dog is a bully). I looked for trainers in Boulder, CO, and I found one. Though I didn’t see mention of Pack to Basics on her site, maybe she offers some other free socialization class? It’s worth checking out:

    And you guys are awesome dog parents – you care so much! I post a lot of articles like that because many people just really don’t realize these things, and I want to educate. Man, if I was near you, I would be IN LOVE with your boy, Blue and help with all the stuff that’s going on with him.

    He’s a love!

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