It’s Amazing! (4373-4382)

A  friend informed me that I say amazing too much. He didn’t actually tell me that I say amazing too much, he was more passive-aggressive about it. For ages I thought he’d been mocking an unknown irritating person who offended his ears by overusing the word, but only last night did I realize I’m that person! […]

Entertaining Kids in the Summer & Rhubarb (4360-4372)

Summertime and the livin’ ain’t easy … That’s not true; I’m enjoying having my boys around more. It’s a relief to not to do the early morning race to get everyone up, fed and out the door with the right permission slip signed, lunch, library books and homework. I always end up yelling at someone […]

2013 POLEder Boulder Recap

The 2013 POLEder Boulder was a huge success! It has been so long since I’ve danced in public that I was nervous about this event. It started with me dropping off the X-stage (my new nemesis) at Harmy’s house along with brunch for the next day’s party. I went to bed early and woke up […]

Relocating The Ladies (4354-4359)

Two years ago I started a chicken coop co-op with three other households. It has been a tremendous success and I highly recommend raising layer chickens to anyone who has a bit of space and the support of some neighbors. By having four households involved, we are each responsible taking care of the chickens one […]

Search Engine Optimized (4345-4353)

OH HELL! This was supposed to post tomorrow. I’m taking Sunday off. I take a peek at my stats regularly, just to see where my readers are coming from and what brought them to my blog. I’ve noticed, for instance, that my numbers drop off on the weekends, presumably because people aren’t actively trying to […]

Coconut & Grapefruit Tarte and Unsolved Mystery (4341-4344)

The other day I tasted the best thing ever. It was the coconut and grapefruit tarte from Caffé, the Frasca baby just down the street. For one dollar it was the best deal in town. I would never had put the two things together, but the nutty crust combined with the silky, coconut studded pastry […]

One Year Anniversary & Last Day of School (4331-4240)

Today I’m deep in sewing projects and end-of-year parties so this will be a short post about my dog. And kids. Again. I wish that every day’s post was on par with yesterday’s masterpiece, but hey, I am not regularly in the presence of greatness, either. We got Blue just about a year ago from […]

Five Minutes with Braco – So Intense!

I mentioned yesterday that Cushie’s neck was hurting so I decided to take a picture of her to see Braco and soak up some of that positive “silent, loving gaze.” Okay, you got me. I was just looking for an excuse. FYI, if you’re more than three month’s pregnant, you probably should not read any […]