I Am Not Complaining About The Weather (4018-4056)

I never have a problem finding stuff to get rid of. In fact, I fear that getting rid of stuff will become my life’s work unless I suddenly find myself without family, and I would probably throw myself in front of a bus if that ever happened. But a clean house might give me reason to live …


Right now I am champing at the bit to put away winter clothes and donate cold weather attire that I know won’t fit the boys in six months. They are both growing so fast that there isn’t any point in keeping stuff that fits them today. While I don’t relish the thought of pulling everything out of the closets and drawers and sorting them out, the end result is always awesome.

Oh great bountiful closet space, you are almost mine … except the weather isn’t cooperating.

I’m not complaining about the weather, mind you. If I’m going to build a post around bitching about the weather, I might as well post a picture of my dog and call it done.


Boom! Post complete.

It is pretty crazy, though. It’s really warm and last night I thrashed and complained about being hot loudly enough that Zeb took down the storm window and let in the cool night air just to shut me up. I’m still feeling a bit sickly which makes me even more irritable, if that’s possible.

I’m so overheated right now that having the hot computer on my lap irritates ms. And the dog farting up the room irritates me. And the boys are irritating me because they are wearing long PJs and watching a movie with blankets loaded on top of them. Why aren’t they on fire like me? Maybe because they aren’t 41 and female?

I used to wonder why my mom got so involved in what I was wearing, insisting that I wear a coat when I felt perfectly fine without one, but now I get it. Maybe is because I still see them as an extension of me (which they aren’t I keep telling myself, especially when they are doing something particularly disgusting) and therefore have a difficult time letting them go out in the winter without a hat or wear fleece footies to bed in the summer. But still, what is it with kids and their bizarre internal thermostats?

7e1c9ba37874db24e7e4926eafa88769Sleeping with the windows open is one of my favorite rites of spring. But tomorrow a cold front is blowing in and we’ll have to button the house up and bust out the snow pants and boots again.

So I’m in that in-between place, where I have my winter and summer clothes out and everything feels jam packed. But as I often remind my boys, the blistering summer will start soon enough.

Time to cut the crap.


I have a ton of empty hanging file folders now that I’ve been scanning my documents onto my computer. I’m going to put these on FREECYCLE.


I don’t think I’ll be making mixed CDs anymore. I’m going to DONATE these labels to Testy’s old preschool.


I have tons of check carbons. Never mind that we have this thing called the “internet” and I  can call up an image of any check I want so there’s no reason in keeping this stuff around. It’s funny how old habits die hard. SHRED.

10 thoughts on “I Am Not Complaining About The Weather (4018-4056)

  1. .I always thought it was “chomping” at the bit so I looked it up…I learned something. Entertaining, informative and educational…couldn’t ask more from a blog than that…thanks!

    • Here’s another commonly misspelled phrase is “Tow the line”, it’s actually “Toe the line”. I think language is so interesting and I simply adore malaprops.

  2. I’m the same age as you, and I completely sympathize with you about feeling overheated. Course I started menopause a year or two ago so now I get hot flashes A LOT. I have a fan here by my desk and I can not tell you how many times a day I turn it on and off cause I get hot, then cold, then hot, then cold. UGH! And yea we have crazy weather here too. Last weekend was HOT! Friday and Saturday got up to like 80. Sunday was a bit cooler, yesterday was rainy in the morning, then partly cloudy in the afternoon and then holy crap it was freezing cold last night.

    And the kids, I am one of those parents who tell their kids to put on a jacket or “you are not going out in that”. lol I get night sweats now too. Sooooo much fun. So often, I’ll sleep with only a sheet on me. But my daughter, she sleeps fully clothed and several blankets on her. Regardless of the temperature. I get sweaty just looking at her. lol

    • I’ve been doing bio-identical HRT for over a year now and it has helped with the hot flashes but I think they screwed up my latest batch of cream because I’m feeling more hot, lethargic and irritable than usual. I am a dream to live with!

      I’m always telling my kids, “I’m hot/cold just looking at you!”

  3. I knew toe the line, but do you know if a super blonde kid is a “toehead” or a “towhead”, and why the term came to be? I don’t and I’ve always wondered.

  4. I may have said it at one time or another. More in a frustrated/ironical sense than really meaning it. Like, among other things, the internet’s really great for making us even more of a herd of consumerist sheep than we already were, say about 20 years ago. When we were already bad enough. Like you said a couple of posts back, “DON’T GET ME STARTED!” (the classic line from Billy Crystal’s schtick…I may not get all your references but I love the ones I do…)

    • Internet shopping is so evil. I managed to kick the habit by getting rid of stuff every day, there isn’t any time to kill with mindless consumerism.

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