Happy Birthday Blue (3957-3969)

It’s Blue’s birthday! He turned three today and it’s also the anniversary (more or less) of his joining our family. Of course we had to do something special.

Me: What should we get Blue for his birthday?

Testicles: Let’s get him a marrow bone. Or a cow penis!

Aw shit. The Bully Stick incident.

My neighbor, who is also a pediatric nurse practitioner, firmly believes that one should never deceive their children. About anything. Which includes Santa. I suck at the Easter Bunny and Toothfairy thing anyway so I use moral superiority as an excuse for unimaginative parenting.

One day I brought home a Bully Stick for the dog to chew on.


12″ No odor. Now we’re talking!

Of course Testy wanted to know what it was so I told him. It’s a cow penis. Boy oh boy, did they ever run with that one. I kept it in the car to keep Blue occupied when we drove around and I had to endure the boys screaming, “Don’t touch me with the penis!”, “Ew, the penis touched me!” “I’ve got your penis!”

Fortunately Blue ate the damn thing (ew) and they dropped the whole penis thing. And  yes, I told them that it wasn’t polite to talk about penises and vaginas, especially at school and if they did, I wouldn’t rescue them from the principal’s office.

There is so much comedic opportunity here!

God, wouldn’t you just love to have that job? There is so much comedic opportunity here.

I thought they forgot about it until today, when I asked them what we should get for Blue’s birthday. Testy chimed in with Cow Penis and I stood there deflated.

The cashier at Turduckin’s had to suppress a snort when we rolled up to the counter with a Hide A Squirrel dog toy, which is marginally less embarrassing than the Hide The Sausage toy that they sell down the street at the sex shop.


This is what truth gets you.

Time to cut the crap.


I’m so into spring right now, it’s hard to focus on the task at hand.

Today I have some plastic cups which, frankly, we never use, some Blue Curacao I bought for a black-light party that actually does not flouresce (it’s Midori that glows), a bra one of our renters left behind, a choke chain I never have used on Blue, a couple PJ tops handed down from a friend who’s kid was a total shit and I don’t like to see my boys wearing anything that reminds me of that turd, and a bunch of stuff stuck to my fridge. That’s 13.


Happy birthday my Kablooey, my Diggity Dog, my Chuffmaster, Mr. Flappy Lips, I love you, Dummy! Let’s gain 20 more pounds this year, okay?

14 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Blue (3957-3969)

  1. You’re smiling again, good. That dog is only THREE? For some reason I’m surprised. Wouldn’t be his canine gravitas, would it? Well Happy Birthday anyway, Blue! p.s. I see you’ve snagged another reader (besides me, I mean) in Eugene, OR. Gray & rainy? You should be here this week, it’s been perfectly sunny, warm & dry.

    • Funny, you are the only person who is surprised he is three, most think he’s younger, mostly because of how skinny he is and how he moves. He moves like a puppy, very uncoordinated.

      Yes, I have a Eugene follower (hooray!) I hope one day to take the boys to the Country Fair. What good times those are.

  2. Wow, has it really been that long??

    When customers ask me what bully sticks are made of, I say “pressed rolled beef,” because it’s true. Sometimes though, they are apparently just testing me to see if *I* know what it is, because then they will kind of snicker and say “Really? Are you suuuuure?” or something until I sigh and say “Yes, it’s cow penis.” Sheeeeesh people!

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