Boulder Mink (3947-3956)

This video made me cry. I would embed it like I did in the blog post that featured it but when I went to the post to get the link, there was the snotty message “Embedding disabled by request. Watch on Youtube.” How nice of you to notice my dinky little blog, Youtube. Are you following me? Neato!

God, now I lost my train of thought.

Oh right, this video made me laugh.

I laughed really hard just at the idea of this parody, and when she said, “His eyes were kind of … rapey.” I started shrieking and crying. I needed that.

It’s snowing like crazy, again. I’m not complaining, it’s awesome, but the dog is going to jump out of his skin. It was so pretty and mild this morning that I donned a skirt and sweater for coffee with Zeb and made plans to walk the dog around the reservoir at 10:30 with Tabby. By 9:45 it was blizzarding so I had to call it off and haul out my Boulder Mink.

What’s that?

_6722904This is Boulder, ya’ll. You better not be caught wearing animal fur in this town. A true measure of status is overpriced technical gear that will more than likely never leave the city limits.

I got mine 50% off because I have a friend who works in upper management at Patagucci. She gave me a 50% off my ENTIRE BILL coupon, for a one-time shopping spree of up to $3000. Thinking that I could never buy that much Patagonia (and I can’t) I put the call out to my ENTIRE SOCIAL NETWORK that, Hey everybody! Go on down to the Patagonia store, pick out some stuff and have them hold it behind the counter under my name. Then meet me on Thursday at 10am and we’ll settle up.

Jesus, I had no idea I had so many friends!

On the day of reckoning the really patient clerk tallied up the bill and said to me and my hoard, “Uh, you went over.”

Me: Really? (Batting my eyes innocently)

Him: Yes.

Me: By how much?

Him: About $1800.

Oh shit. That means the total came to $4800? In coats?

The amazing part is that they covered it. They gave me and my close friends the full discount. Yay, customer service! That was a couple of years ago. I still love my Boulder Mink.

Okay, time to cut the crap.


I am a ninja when it comes to tossing out clothes that don’t fit the kids. I swear, if they utter one complaint, it’s gone. There’s so much more where they came from and we have several little boys in line that need clothes. I enjoy seeing something I loved on my boys on another child. It makes me happy. GOING TO MR. RIPPLES.


Blue is having a hard day (like dog like master). He got roughed up at the dog park today. I’ll post the gory pictures tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “Boulder Mink (3947-3956)

  1. Wow I would love to have a coat like that. Well I’d love to be skinny enough to wear a coat like that. I’m a big girl and really good coats for us plus sized girls are not only hard to find but expensive as shit when you do find them. And I just can’t afford it. So I’m stuck shopping second hand stores trying to find something that fits, isn’t ugly as sin or stained or has a hole in it and might actually keep me warm. Granted we don’t get the weather here in Eugene, Oregon like you do there but still.

    • Ah Eugene. I know people in Eugene. One of Boulder’s awesome quirks is that there are freakin’ rich people here. They buy $300 North Face jackets for their 1st graders that languish in the lost and found until we haul them away to give to charity. Seriously, if my kid lost his $300 jacket, I’d be pounding on the school doors at 8pm and checking the grounds with a flashlight. The net of it is that really amazing clothes show up at thrift stores, simply because they are last year’s colors.

    • Eugene can be cold, too. We actually don’t get that much snow in Boulder. It will dump hard and then melt off the next day. Eugene is gray and drizzly, at least it was when I was there working on a week-long landscape installation. It was hell.

      • Yes that is true. We have 2 seasons here, summer and rainy. lol We rarely get snow, just too low in elevation. I was born and raised in this state so like any natural born Oregonian, we have web feet. lol I don’t mind the rain too much, it doesn’t depress me like it does a lot of people, I love the sound of it, so relaxing. I just don’t like getting wet when I go out. And it’s quite funny and scary at the same time seeing all the California transplants who have no clue how to drive in it. lol

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