Don’t Fear the Bieber (3770-3784)

Nightmare update: Last night I dreamt that Justin Bieber performed a private concert for me and my friends. Then I challenged him to a pull-up contest. Let’s just say he is a very sore loser.

I noticed he was missing a lower tooth because he’s so young that the baby tooth just fell out and it made me feel guilty about beating him in a test of strength.


And then I woke up and didn’t feel guilty at all.

I guess you could infer that I am not exactly a True Belieber, I’m too old for pretty boy pop unless we are talking about Justin Timberlake who –FYI– is a man.

If you aren’t into teenage pop sensations that live firmly embedded in the center of their own universe, you might enjoy this video, or at least the part where Michael Madson beats the shit out of the Beebs. What? Don’t hate on him, he’s just a kid? Hey man, it’s his video.

My desk is a disaster right now so I’m going to see if i can make a dent in it before the boys come home. Thank god the school district didn’t call a snow day, I would have gone berserk if I had them at home today.

Time to cut the crap.


Ten files to scan and trash. I don’t know why I bother keeping tax returns. Everything is filed electronically and my accountant can send me anything I need.


More keys. The big one goes to the house I sold ten years ago. Maybe that’s why I still dream about it. TRASH.

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  1. Ok your blog isn’t stupid. It actually kinda rocks. But the JB dream was unsettling to say the least.

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