My Second Favorite Vacation Memory (3713-3722)

Wait? Did I post my first favorite vacation memory? Do you care?

Hearing about other people’s vacations is  torture. I mean, do I really want to know what a great time you had without me? Or in this case, that I had without you? I’ll save my first favorite memory for when I’m low on material but I promise you, you will enjoy this one more.

We checked out an ecopark called Xcaret while in Tulum. It was so great that we went back for a second day, there was so much to see and do. It was part zoo, part cultural center, part underground river and cave park, part aquarium, and part beach. I noticed that the farther we got from the beach, the more irritable we got, so we stayed close to the water.

There were a couple lovely beaches that were perfect for children to play in. The water was shallow, the sand was soft, and there were shady spots for me to sit back and enjoy the view. The best being this one.

Where were the kids? Oh I don’t know, swimming with the dolphins or something. Snore.

If you think I am mocking these guys or making fun of their sexual orientation, I’m not. I’m in love with them. If it had been two women wrestling, or two kittens going to town, I totally would have taken their pictures, too.


Now these people I’m mocking.


This amazing t-shirt stopped me in my tracks. The best part is that I asked him if I could take his picture and he said yes!


Nice hat. Idiot.


These people, I’m not kidding, were totally doing it, as in having sex. He was playing with her boobs in this picture but before he flipped her over they were getting all … rhythmic. Where was I? Standing not 20 yards away taking pictures.


What’s funny about this is that she kept trying to dig the suit out of her ass. She was rocking it and everything, but lady, that suit was made to go up your buttcrack so leave it alone!


There is a spa at the park featuring side-by-side massages behind a waterfall. Oh, and there is a hole where people walking on the path above you can see your butt crack. Classic.


Wait, that’s me.


I took lots of pictures of angry tans. I have no idea what he was talking about.

That was fun. Time to cut the crap.


Cute vintage t-shirt for kids. I’m gonna let Zeb sell it on eBay.


Some stuff I pulled out of my dresser. DONATE.


T-shirts the boys don’t wear. DONATE.




I’m giving up on these socks. TRASH.


A pill case with six compartments. Why? TRASH.

9 thoughts on “My Second Favorite Vacation Memory (3713-3722)

  1. I read on iPhone first time, but immediately thought “hey these pictures I need to appreciate full screen”. Peed myself laughing at your commentary. On April 13, it was just what I needed…

    • I’m going to type really slow because I know you have all kinds of free time right now … I’m glad you were as amused as I was. You should have seen me on the beach.

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