Cruel Shoes (3693-3712)

Sometimes I fall in love with Zeb all over again. Like today, he bent over to pick up a random Lego on the ground and said, “This is what I do with Lego pieces I find,” and tossed it into one of the boys’ shoes. “Maybe this will drive home the pain of stepping on loose Legos.

It is the perfect marriage of practical joke, revenge and life lesson.

Someone once said that she thought Zeb was a genius. Him? HAHAHAHAHAHA.

She was right. I married a genius.

Time to cut the crap.


Minion got me started today when he asked for some clean jars to use for “yeast rescue” or something like that. It’s a home brewer thing. I don’t drink beer, I never took the time to develop a taste for it. Whenever Zeb forces me to try some amazing artisan craft beer, I always disappoint him with the same answer. “Tastes like beer.”


I liked these shoes a lot. I can’t wear them with my aching feet and the are kind of falling apart. DONATE.


I ventured into the pantry and pulled out these extremely old spices. I hear they lose potency with time (makes sense) so TRASH.


I think it was left by a housemate long ago.

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