200th Post and 3650th Item Purged!

Today marks a couple really big milestones. First of all, this is my 200th post. I think that is a pretty big deal, especially since the lion’s share of them started December 4th when I jumped headlong into this rabbit hole.

The second HUGE accomplishment is that today I purged my 3650th item, thus achieving my initially stated goal.

How do I feel?




Writing every day has been transformational. I can’t put into words why it means so much to me, but it feels good to give voice to all the craziness in my head and to share the things that tickle me. It makes me feel less alone.

As a bonus, it has affected my relationship with my father in a way that heals me. I feel like he knows me better than ever and that he genuinely likes and appreciates me. As a deeply insecure person, this realization is massive.

How does getting rid of 3650 items feel? It feels like I am not there yet.


I have yet to feel completely streamlined in how things leave my house. Some linger far too long. It feels like work, and it is work.

Some of the benefits (so far) are visibly fewer things in my house, although Zeb’s business does a good job of masking my efforts. I don’t shop for fun anymore. Actually, I can’t think of anything less fun. I don’t spend as much money and my internal state is one of embarrassing overabundance rather than want.

The only thing I feel like I truly lack is time and space. I look forward to achieving the state where I have more of both because they aren’t being sucked up by meaningless possessions.

I also feel on fire. Constant writing has opened the floodgate and I find myself drawn to creative projects. Focusing on my home and sitting with the internal dialogue that comes with deciding whether something should stay or go has drawn me inward.

I am a people pleaser, almost at any cost. I have been so consumed with my home and writing that I haven’t had the time, or inclination, to waste energy on anyone or thing that wasn’t absolutely worth it.


I love this project, there is nothing I would rather do, except dance, walk the dog with friends, read and be with my family. And maybe just do nothing at all from time to time. If you’ve seen me in the last four months, congratulations, you made the cut.

Thank you so much for hanging in there with me. I’m not going anywhere, though. I still have so much work to do, I hope you stick it out. Okay, time to cut the crap.


Zeb brought this home for the kids. Can you say out of touch? DONATE.


I’m too old for frosted lipgloss (and I don’t know where I came from), ditto the pin. TRASH.


Super sharp iron knives. I have several already. One has a broken tip. FREE/DONATE.




I brought these bins up when sorting records. I’m going to dig through them.


Failed project. I see cute stuff in windows and think, “I could make that for less.” but the truth is that the raw materials usually add up to way more than what the one item costs. Moral of the story, unless you have the materials, consider getting what you want from the store, but only after waiting at least a week to see if you actually want it. TRASH.


These were for a really cute scarf I saw. I made one, but then to justify the cost of all the yarn, I decided I needed to make four or five as x-mas gifts. Cushie actually got one, but here’s the rest of the yarn. Why would I want to make 6 scarves when I could buy the one I want for less? Or just appreciate it in the window and move on? DONATE.


Down one bin, two to go.

Featured image courtesy of donasdays.blogspot.com

15 thoughts on “200th Post and 3650th Item Purged!

  1. Massive congratulations! 3650 woohoo!
    I’m going to make a big deal of this on social media and try and get some of our AO followers to pledge to cut the crap also- its been quite a journey!

    • Thanks Tabby! I am grateful for any exposure I get, although I have to constantly remind myself that my measure of success is my internal state, not how many likes/comments/followers I have. My process included looking within myself for what I need, not outwards. That said, thank you so much for being so supportive. See you for walkies today.

  2. Congrats on these truly big milestones! It’s so cool to hear expressly how writing makes you feel, how it’s changed you, how it’s brought a new dynamic to your relationship with Buzz–all of it. I’m proud of you, and even though I haven’t actually seen you in the last four months, I do hope I get a pass…

    • Aw Greg, you totally make the cut. When I said, “See me.” that means having anything to do with my life be it phone, email, blog, etc. I don’t want to be exclusive, though, there are tons of people I have little contact with due to circumstance that are deeply rooted in my heart.

  3. Yay!! What a awesomely big day! I remember when you first told me about this project. The sheer number of items you wanted to purge was shocking, and the idea that you would blog about each group actually sounded a bit crazy! I can’t tell you how exciting 3650 is! It has been fun to get to know you all over again, and I can say that I only love you more. Thank you for being hilarious, honest, true to yourself, and so giving of your experience. I can’t wait for more dog slime, pole inamorata, Boulderisms, family frolicking, and of course – cutting of the crap.

  4. Viv, I would love that yarn? Ya still got it? I could pick it up at school? Fellow Whittier parent…

  5. Congrats on reaching your goal!! You did an excellent job listing your items and your stories were very humorous. I hope you will continue to blog and purge, you’ve inspired many of us followers, I’m sure. I know you have for me. Ha, followers….sounds like a cult!

    • Thanks! It feels great to have reached my goal. It takes the pressure off me, although I still purge every day. Thank you for following, I promise to be a fair and just cult leader.

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