Christmas in April (3556-3565)

I finished up the previous session at the Pottery Lab feeling unfulfilled. I make bulky pieces that take up lots of room in the kiln which means my work usually doesn’t get fired until between sessions. The last day of class, when everyone is showing off their work, I usually have very little to show.

But the first day of the next session is like Christmas, my birthday and the 4th of July all rolled into one. I had an excellent haul.


They are all hand built porcelain with Dinnerset glaze. I strive for my pieces to feel warm and touched, but still light and functional. To the non-potter, my work looks like something a kid probably made. If it’s regular and perfect you are looking for, there’s a Target down the street. Hand building with porcelain is tricky and requires patience and I love it.


These two casseroles make me so happy. These are a third attempt. The first one’s glaze ran and stuck it to the shelf (whoops), the second one cracked in the bisque, but these turned out wonderfully. I can’t wait to have a casserole dinner party. I think the long one is calling for Alana’s pastitsio while the other deserves a tasty hot dish of potatoes, Vidalia onions and Parrano.


To give you a sense of the size, this sucker is long. Porcelain shrinks 20% during firing so I was getting some majorly dirty looks from the people who staff the lab.


A coffee cup that will fit in my car’s cup holder, an oval platter and a box, maybe for a tasty spinach dip? Can you tell that day 2 of austerity measures is getting to me?


Random vessels.


Just incase you were wondering what this funny piece is for. It’s an organizer for my desk.


Perforated vessel.


In with the new, out with the crap. This stupid container has been sitting on my dressing table for a long time. I keep looking at it thinking I should get rid of it and everything inside. So today I did.


My early “signature” was a cracked bottom. Thank God I finally figured that out.


The white organizer replaced this cup on my desk. I made it in my earlier days. It is totally craptastic.


This was also on my dresser. I was attempting to pull off something Alana does with no effort. When she does the thing with the butterflies, it looks whimsical and classy. When I do it, it just looks like some kind of My Fugly Pony nonsense.


And the bottom is cracked!


And the back too. What a piece of shit.


I kind of like this because it is a piece where my underglazing worked, but I really prefer white to clear. I’m giving it to Tabby because she has a visiting hummingbird named Eric.


Busted headset. TRASH.


Tiny salt shaker that has been sitting on a ledge in the kitchen for years. Christine left it behind. TRASH.


Wheel thrown cups which sort of nest. They are actually okay, but I really prefer 100% hand-built vessels. If it stacks, I don’t want it. UP FOR GRABS.

8 thoughts on “Christmas in April (3556-3565)

  1. Love the pottery! Especially the Eric one!
    Wish more people derived satisfaction/ pleasure/ therapy out of creative and functional art. And spent less time in retail stores…..

  2. Wow! The casseroles are F-ing amazing. You really did get some great pieces this last session. I am going to have to copy the desk organizer – I really need one of these! Are you taking classes again? Can’t wait to hear about your trip to All Inclusive Land!

    • Or we could do a little traderoo. Unless you like diddling with handbuilt stuff. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, so hopefully you are flattered by the fugly butterfly thing that I made. I was trying to be like you and am not very good at it. Dinner party next Friday BTW, the theme is “Fill the casserole dish”.

  3. yes !!! f-ing amazing, Alana is so right on. you out did yourself they are Huge, and love the white, classy. and i`m sooooo jealous i wana do pottery again.

  4. Congrats on the fine porcelain pieces that u created! I haven’t done pottery since h.s. (class of ’89, btw) n that was a long f*ing time ago. Point being, never had too much luck with it, always broke n the kiln or someone wanted it more than myself…yeah, thieves, I suspect…the casseroles r fan-freakin-tastic n luv the coffee mug too, beautiful! Keep up the good work…if u ever get bored with them, u could always sell them…

    • You are so kind! I’m pretty critical of my own work and I am thrilled about this latest batch, that’s saying something. I tend to pick everything I do apart.

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