Bad Hair Dream, With Visual Aids! (3497-3545)

It’s time for more anxiety dream fun with Viv!

I love my haircut but it has one pitfall, because of the bangs it goes from cute to unmanageable overnight. I have an appointment with Penny (my hairdresser whom I  am in love with) to get it cut tomorrow but clearly it is on my nerves because I’m dreaming about it.

Penny, please don't leave me!

Penny, please don’t leave me!

I dreamt that I was getting a haircut from someone who wasn’t Penny. It seems I can’t help myself when it comes to cheating. Penny, I’m sorry!

I was trying to explain what I wanted and I couldn’t just say take an inch off because my hair was really long, except for my bangs. Which means I had a mullet.

Did I mention it was an anxiety dream?

Did I mention it was an anxiety dream? I looked almost this bad the last time I went shopping for a new hairdresser. I had to grow it out for a year before I found Penny.

I tried to find a picture on my computer but I couldn’t get it to work, natch. I couldn’t figure out why I was with this new hairdresser, especially since I already scheduled an appointment with Penny.


That’s not me, silly. It’s Olivia Wilde, but I can see how you could be confused, us both possessing starlet good looks and great hair. Snort.

Then I realized I forgot my wallet so I wrote a check from her checkbook. Then I couldn’t get home because I didn’t have my car, so I borrowed hers. I told her I would meet her at her house and the drive over was sketchy because I was suddenly on a bike with a box of kittens under my arm and they were trying to get out!


I got to her house and realized that I paid her with her own money and borrowed her car, leaving her stranded but somehow she managed to get home, and I had her kittens and now I needed a ride to my house. Aren’t I the best client ever?

Penny, please don’t leave me!

Time to cut the crap.


More records, 49 of them.


Look how young Emmylou Harris is. Wow.


I could use some of that happy feeling.


This is just creepy. Looks at love and life? Looks like a pervert to me.




Gotta love Lederhosen.

Blows against the Empire. Blows what? Smoke?


A timeless classic.

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