I Am Not Complaining About The Weather (4018-4056)

I never have a problem finding stuff to get rid of. In fact, I fear that getting rid of stuff will become my life’s work unless I suddenly find myself without family, and I would probably throw myself in front of a bus if that ever happened. But a clean house might give me reason […]

Parkinglot Scuffle (3994-4017)

I think every city is full of idiots and people who live completely in their own worlds. However, Boulder seems to have cornered the market on people who are totally in la-la-land all the time. Is it the MMJ? The altitude? THE FLOURIDE IN THE WATER?!?! Just kidding, I don’t give a shit about flouride […]

Under the Weather

This post is for Cindy because she noticed that I haven’t posted today. I can’t tell you how much it means to me to know that someone out there is reading (who isn’t my dad, Hi Dad!) and looks forward to whatever my brain manages to spit up. My habit is is to prepare the […]

I’m Calmer Than You Are (3970-3993)

I wrote this before I left but decided to not post it until I got home. Enjoy. I hate getting out of town more than anything in this world. I don’t mind being out of town, but getting out is tricky. If you have kids, you know what I’m talking about especially if you have […]

Happy Birthday Blue (3957-3969)

It’s Blue’s birthday! He turned three today and it’s also the anniversary (more or less) of his joining our family. Of course we had to do something special. Me: What should we get Blue for his birthday? Testicles: Let’s get him a marrow bone. Or a cow penis! Aw shit. The Bully Stick incident. My […]

DIY Surgery (3957-3993)

We had another scuffle at the dog park today. All these posts makes that place sound dangerous, but it really isn’t. Here’s what happened. It was super sloppy out there due to the recent snowstorm. There were a few dogs tearing around like maniacs and Blue was in the thick of it. As they were […]

Boulder Mink (3947-3956)

This video made me cry. I would embed it like I did in the blog post that featured it but when I went to the post to get the link, there was the snotty message “Embedding disabled by request. Watch on Youtube.” How nice of you to notice my dinky little blog, Youtube. Are you following me? […]

Bitch at the Dogpark or Antisocial Behavior (3922-3946)

I am a friendly person, maybe too friendly. Once my sister-in-law said that she thought my best animal analogue would be a Chocolate Lab. Now keep in mind that my husband – her brother – believes in his heart of hearts that Labs are the stupidest, most useless, simple minded dogs out there. Hopefully this […]

It’s Getting Ugly (3912-3921)

Today I decided that I would postpone my trip to help a friend sort through her basement. This is not a time for me to rush to anyone else’s rescue. Today, I need to save myself and tomorrow I promise to be funny again. She called me in a panic several months ago about the […]

Panic Room (3808-3911)

I’m still trying to shake off the effects of this last week, what a shit storm. Between engaging in the battle to the death with my M.O.M. and the crazy painter going berserk, I’m hunkering down. My AirBnB clients just left so I’m doing something very unusual, I’m commandeering the guest suite for myself. It’s […]