Super Colon Blow (3416-3440)

Some people have pointed out a scatological interpretation of my blog title. Whatever floats your boat. Today I’m gonna go there. I’m having serious problems with the giant dog in that arena.

We got him from the rescue organization with several bags of fancy-schmancy food that cost a fortune. I kept buying the stuff because what do I know about feeding Great Danes?

At least he doesn't have this problem, like someone's dog I know. What is in it? What could make their dog's shit taste worse than shit?

At least he doesn’t have this problem, like someone’s dog I know. What’s in it? What could make their dog’s shit taste worse than shit?

But God, the poop! The mountains of poop! On a trip to visit Zeb’s family, Blue took to eating their dog’s kibble, just some grocery store stuff but he liked it and it didn’t go right through him so I switched. No problem.


Nice haul, right?

Until a couple months ago he experienced severe butt-squirts and we got on the intervention train of antibiotics, pro-biotics, homemade food, etc. I worried that the cheapo food was the problem. The lady at Petsmart lectured me about how I was pretty much killing my dog by feeding him Beneful. I was like, “Lady, he’s a Dane. They only live eight years anyway.”

But her lecture hit a nerve and I started him on Rachel Ray’s Nutrish (wince) dog food because it is low-ingredient and everyone says that is better for dogs. Yes, it isn’t the best food in the world but he goes through a pound a day, I can’t afford the super expensive stuff.

Nowhere on the ingredient list is psyllium fiber husk which I swear it must be made of. It is unbelievable how many times I have to pick up after him. Yesterday we counted 10 craps. TEN! And they weren’t little piddly ones, they were the real deal. Does anyone out there have a big dog with a squirrelly stomach? I need budget dog food that stays put.

See? No psyllium fiber husk.  This stuff is Super Colon Blow for dogs.

See? No psyllium fiber husk. This stuff is Super Colon Blow for dogs.

Is there a reason that I am swimming in crap? Have I brought this upon myself in a woowoo karma kind of way?


That’s right, you better sing for your supper.

Speaking of crap, time to cut it.


I’m starting with this stuff. Get it out of here!


Look at all these key fobs. Zeb says a Japanese person will buy them all. Okaaaay. Have at it. JAPANESE AUCTION.


And luggage tags. Any takers? DONATE.

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  1. Hey Viv, on top of being a trainer, I also stay canine nutrition. With dog food, less is more. Find a food that is grain free, and is either USDA approved, or the first 3 ingredients are all named protein (chicken meal, beef, etc). If it says ‘Animal protein’.. That’s BAD! Also, stay away from the word ‘byproduct’ altogether. These are non-edible pieces if meat that has been put into dog food. I’m sure the girl at Petsmart told you some that, but – you don’t have to pay a fortune! I recommend ‘Taste of the Wild’ or (if you have a Costco) , ‘Nature’s Domain’. You can only get this food at Costco (the Nature’s Domain) but 30 lbs for about $30. AND with using a high quality kibble, you feed less, this picking up less poop! Hope this helps. Silly poopy boy!

    • That is awesome! Thank you for the recommendations. I will definitely give those brands a try. I have a Costco membership and will pick up some Taste of the Wild. Hopefully it won’t give him the squirts. It seems to be what happens whenever we change his feed.

      • Nature’s Domain is the one at Costco. Also, when you switch him, mix his food for about a week or so to help the transition. If he does get the squirts, give him some canned pumpkin. 🙂

  2. Real quick here – I fed my husky (who by the way was also named “Blue”) Beneful pretty much her entire life and she lived to be 15 years old. That’s pretty old. She ate “people food” of all sorts and Beneful. She was NEVER sick. I don’t know if I just lucked out with her and maybe she just had good genes. Who knows.

    • Is “Blue” the most common dog name ever or what? He came with his name (he was 2 when I got him). I usually just call him Kablooey. Do you remember Calvin and Hobbes? Calvin was always pestering his dad to read him “Hamster Huey and the Gooey Kablooey”. Heheheh. Thanks for the input, I am open to trying different foods for Blue (especially if it means less poop) but I’m glad to know that I’m not killing my dog with Beneful.

  3. Hello Vivienne…I luv ur blog! I’ve been reading it for a while n without sounding like a stalker, I thought I’d comment to let u know so. I’d like to do something similar, but I’d def have to step it up a notch to at least 100 items per week (since there’s double the amount of peeps+ n my abode). With as much crap that ur dog releases (10 a day), ur 10 items r accomplished. We r currently dog-free at the moment, but am greatful that the pile-fetching isn’t a prerequisite to live n my neck-of-the-woods. I’m completely happy with the landmines n the occasional stick required to scrape off the squat. Blue is a good-looking dog n I can imagine the bigger the dog, the bigger the shit! Although, I’d rather not imagine shit atall!!! But anyways, congrats on all the crap u have cut, keep up the hard work, n know that u r inspiring some of us hoarders’ evil ways…

    • 100 items a week is totally doable. I’ve been averaging 300 items a week and almost at my original goal. It’s piled pretty deep around here, though. Just remember, YOU CAN DO IT! Send me pictures and I’ll post them with some rah-rah. I can’t tell you how much it helps me to have people like you reading and sending support and I would LOVE to send some back at ya.

      Do you live in the south? We took Blue to the Carolina’s and when I went to clean up some crap, my brother in law looked at me like I was nuts. He was all, “This is South Carolina. Just flick it into the woods.” Nice! Boulder is too compact for that. Certain trail heads, even with very diligent picking up smell like latrines. You will get a hefty fine if you don’t.

      I have a rather unorthodox method of poop collection. My friends have been begging me to videotape it. Maybe when I’m feeling the need for some ridicule.

      • No, I don’t live n the south, but u would think some of the rednecks that live n my surroundings, think they do. I live n small town (pop. 150), Brussels, Illinois, less than an hour from st. Louis, Missouri. I didn’t grow up here, just have been here over 10 yrs. I luv smalltown, u.s.a. although, we did just get house numbers…we r about 100 yrs behind round here! It is nice here…ferry boats n bridges r the only ways to get here. So, its a quiet, little town. I will def send pics when I get things moving on my end. I will appreciate any support n advice along the way. I think I will b adding my exercise progress and lifestyle changes as well. Ik, boring, but I don’t have a pole to brag about…LUCKY!!! But, soda has been outta my life for over a yr (except for the 8oz orange crush i just had to try for nostalgia reasons-which I couldn’t finish because it wasn’t as good as I thought I’d remember it being

        • Wow, lots of changes! You go, girl! I wish I had a nasty soda habit, then I could cut it out and BAM I’d be down 10 pounds. It sucks when you are down to vegetables, brown rice and water. What do you cut out then? Your small town sounds lovely.

  4. I don’t have anything to add about dog food, I just wanted to share my appreciation that you tagged this post “Nutrish is making my dog poop like crazy.”

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