Shoe Shaming (3393-3405)

I have wicked Plantar Fasciitis. It’s when the arch of your foot feels like it is about to snap and it’s a bitch to get rid of. Good shoes and custom footbeds are imperative if you ever want to walk again.

Lately I’ve been wearing Boggs and my foot pain came back. In a fit of desperation I impulse bought a pair of walking boots that my feet felt good in. It’s the first pair of shoes I’ve purchased in a long time.

Zeb saw the box and wanted to know what was up. I told him about my feet and he just sniffed and didn’t say a word. This morning I found a really nice pair of Keen boots, the one brand of shoe that always feels good, in front of the bedroom door. He’s shaming me.

They’re used but I don’t care; they cost less than $5 knowing Zeb. My new ones were $90 on sale. I like the used ones better. Zeb loves to do this to me. He won’t say anything critical but he’ll quietly produce a similar item, often without even leaving the house or spending a dime, just to remind me that we either already have it or can get it for next to nothing.

Nothing is too random or esoteric for Zeb, or me for that matter, do you need a dreadlock? Done! Once Enriqué asked Zeb is we had gravity boots. Gravity boots? I was like, “What? Is this the 80s? Are you an American Gigolo? Not gonna happen.” but sure enough Zeb picked up a pair the next day at a garage sale. He is spooky.

Not everyone can have a Zeb, though some of my lady friends aren’t so subtle about trying to get a piece of the action. That’s right. I see you. I worked for these privileges, girls.

I’ve gotten over window shopping. I did a little today and it made me feel queasy and panicky. The impulse buy is another thing, especially when coupled with distress of some kind, be it aching feet or feeling fat and ugly. Now I’ve got a $90 hole in my wallet and pair of boots I love and a pair I kind of like. Lesson learned.

Time to cut the crap.


A lighted swim mask, a purple coin purse Testy found with $100 cash in it (no cash in it now, though) and a picture frame. DONATE.


I’m keeping this cute picture of my mom and her dog, but DONATING the frame. It was me about 15 years ago but  not now.


This thing makes my life miserable. The kids think it is SO COOL but it eats batteries and we aren’t going night diving anytime soon, or ever. I’ve got to get it out of here because they keep pestering me about it. DONATE.


Pirate hat? DONATE.


These viewmasters aren’t worth anything, I checked. We have four more, just incase. DONATE.


Random stuff including a kiddy sewing project, another little ball, misc buttons and rick-rack and a National Geographic whale song disc.




Do you remember how cool these were when you were a kid? Do you know what’s cool now? David Attenborough’s Planet Earth, or youtube. TRASH.

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