Smell The Glove (3382-3392)

Posting pictures of my piles of stuff of is very much like dogshaming, only I call it vivshaming. All those useless things I’ve accumulated over the years are like giant, steaming turds on the carpet. I play dual schizophrenic roles of the contrite dog and the furious um, animal guardian (this is Boulder, you’ll get strung up for saying you own a pet) all at the same time.

Look at what you did!

I’m so ashamed.

Smell it! SMELL IT!

I’m sorry, I’ll never do it again.

You are a bad, bad, dog!

I am a bad, bad, dog.


Speaking of smelly things, I found this lovely headline clipping from the presidential race. I miss Rick Santorum kind of like I missed that bitchy Jerri Manthey from Survivor 2001. I hated her, she made my skin crawl, and I cheered when she got voted off. Then the show got really boring because there was no one to root against anymore. Rick Santorum was like that for the presidential race. As annoying as he was, he was fun to mock.


Nifty plastic lettuce bowls. Zeb protested when I put them on the block but I reminded him that we have glass ones that are staying. DONATE.

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