A Gesture of Love (3369-3381)

I stopped wearing a wedding ring years ago. Zeb bought me the most beautiful vintage ring when we got married, it was at least 100 years old and Georgian. It seemed fitting that I should have an estate ring, it was in harmony with how I saw myself at the time, kind of beat up but still sparkly.


I didn’t realize that fine jewelry isn’t for everyday use and I wore it to death.Weightlifting and home restoration kept warping the band and knocking the smaller stones loose. I had it repaired many times until I realized that it couldn’t take much more. I stopped wearing rings altogether after that. Between the ceramics, pole dancing and pumping iron, rings weren’t right for my lifestyle.

But  missed wearing a ring. I felt like not wearing a ring gave the wrong impression. Today I cruised Pearl Street to find a wedding band for myself. I’m not into diamonds anymore. I like shiny things but I am not a fancy person. I couldn’t even stomach spending $100 on a ring and the shopping part wasn’t any fun.

After looking around at different jewelers I settled on a hippy dippy shop that has been selling clogs, inexpensive jewelry and incense since 1977. Like forever. I found a lovely stainless steel ring for $17. It’s simple, strong, kind of pretty and really cheap. Just like me.

Hey Zeb, I love you.

Enough of the squishy stuff, time to cut the crap.


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Dishes I found stashed in the cupboard above the fridge. DONATE.


You will never catch me using three pound weights. DONATE.


Nice snow pants that don’t fit. DONATE.


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7 thoughts on “A Gesture of Love (3369-3381)

  1. those are the same reason i love my ring nothing flashy i barely feel it ,i can even do yoga in it . glad to see you found i ring to wear.

  2. I got married with a $5 silver ring that I purchased! I love it! I have to admit that I covet Benson Yee’s titanium rings. I want to see a picture of your new ring!

  3. Oh my god. I have been wanting a simple silver band too. I didn’t worn my rings for awhile and now I wear them off and on. I feel it gives the “wrong impression” ;> too if I don’t wear them. But I’m not a diamond girl either. I told my husband i’d love a simple band for our anniversary this year and i got a gold ring with rubies and diamonds on it that had “I LOVE YOU” engraved on it – super sweet but still I’d love just a SIMPLE SILVER BAND. I know the hippy dippy shop you speak of on Pearl Street. I may just have to make my way there soon ;>

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