Water and Old Houses (3353-3368)

I dreamt I was going through my closet and getting rid of stuff (purging in my dreams, fuck yah!) and it was just getting nice and airy in there when I noticed the sound of trickling water. Are you a homeowner? Do you have an old house? If you do, you know how panic inducing the sound of trickling water is.

I followed the sound and I pulled away a loose piece of drywall and I saw water running RUNNING between the drywall and the brick of our house. The rest of the dream was me trying to come up with $30K to fix the roof and pay for water remediation. I was being conservative.

Then I threw myself off the roof so I could either 1) wake up 2) put myself out of my misery.

We’ve had water come through the ceilings a few times.We woke up one morning to find sodden towels underneath the kitchen sink. Our young housemate came stumbling into the kitchen and said, “I came home last night and the pipe was dripping so I put some towels down and went to bed.”

Okay. Stay calm Viv. PUT SOME TOWELS DOWN!?

“We’re just upstairs, why didn’t you come and get us?”

“It was late. I didn’t want to wake you.”

“Oh, thanks.”

I’m glad we were rested up because we needed our energy to clean up the flooded basement! YOUNG PEOPLE!

Isn’t renting amazing? Really. I’m not joking. When you rent, you don’t have to care. When I grow up, I’m gonna rent.

The second time (that I can think of right now because I’m sure there are more) was when the 3rd floor tenant got a little crazy in the bathtub and must have been sloshing around. Water started dripping through my bedroom ceiling. This is a code red situation. I screamed for Zeb, put something under the drip and prepared for the ceiling to collapse. I’ve seen it happen.

Zeb stood there all calm and I was like DO SOMETHING!!!

So he wandered up to the third floor, chatted with the person who had just come out of the bath, and came back downstairs as cool as a cucumber.

“Looks fine up there to me.”

“What? What do you mean it looks fine? There is WATER COMING THROUGH THE CEILING! What if it’s a broken pipe? WHY ARE YOU SO CAAAAAAALLLLLMMMMMM?!?!”

“What do you want me to do, freak out like you are?”


Wow. This water anxiety dream has gotten me really worked up. They say water is the symbol for sexuality in the language of dreams. Really? I’m not going there.

Time to cut the crap.


Zeb picked up these little books at an estate sale. Why? Hell if I know. We already have them AND Scrotus is more interested in reading Eragon than Peter Rabbit. DONATE

This post is dedicated to Teeny Bikini, because I loves her and I feel like she makes me smarter. Her posts are so random that I have to focus all my attention on where she’s going with her posts. That has to be at least as good for my brain crossword puzzles.

12 thoughts on “Water and Old Houses (3353-3368)

  1. Ok… this hit really close to home. Not sure if read my post about how I was diagnosed with severe depression or not, but it starts with a flood… in our brand new house…right after I got married…. and then lost my job. Ugh… just .. really close to home. (And we paid about $50K to fix and repair everything, and then replace everything, since the insurance wouldn’t cover a dime).

    • God, that is horrible. I hate insurance companies. I remember hearing how they were raising their premiums because of how the market was failing and their investments weren’t performing so well. Of course they passed the cost on to us. It wouldn’t fly if I said, “My husband got laid off so I can only pay 50% of my premium. Deal with it.” I’m glad your problems are in your past.

      • For now… We kept thinking we fixed it. Then we rebuilt (after like 6 fucking months of no flooding). Then it flooded again. Ugh… We haven’t had a flood in over a year this time.

        • Don’t you love the way insurance companies don’t cover water if it comes from outside the house? Water is the most destructive force a house can ever see (says the woman who has had a fire) Of course they don’t cover it. They suck.

        • I know!! I hate insurance companies! They really don’t help with shit! Especially when you need them!

  2. Running several days behind on these posts, luxuriating this morning in reading through the past 4 or 5 in a row. Commentary seems to be kind of sparse this week, though–maybe everybody’s gone off somewhere, away from all electronica & internet connections, for spring break? Yeah, right.

    re. the discussion of how much we all love insurance companies. As I’ve been saying forever now, consider the business model the “insurance industry” represents and under which it operates: take EVERYTHING possible from your customers, and as far as possible give NOTHING back. Seems to work well for them, because as you point out, the insurance companies have SO MUCH FUCKING MONEY they have to invest it heavily in socially productive endeavors such as AIG!…

    • Try explaining health insurance and the lack of nationalized health care to a child. We have a friend who died recently because he was waiting to turn 60 and get Medicare. He worked all his life. His birthday came, he went to the hospital and died two days later. I tried to explain why he didn’t have insurance, why our country doesn’t provide for its’ citizens, etc. They asked why Obama hasn’t fixed it, I told them that he is trying but politicians vote against it, then I had to delve into the issue of lobbyists, etc. I would love to see a dirty politician try to argue with the simple, clear, repetitive questioning of a child.

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