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I double-downed yesterday on my purging posts so today I’m featuring a guest blogger. Her name is Elise Ekrem and she is a third grader at the school my boys go to. Her father shaves his head every year to raise money for cancer research through the St. Baldrick’s Foundation.

A full-grown man shaving is head? Meh.

A third-grade girl shaving her head? You have my attention.

Elise is a great person and her actions inspired other students to shave their heads, too. Selflessness doesn’t come easy to children, especially at the expense of their our own vanity and acceptance. What she did was brave and honorable. Her classmate, Jack, shaved his head simply because he didn’t want her to be the only bald kid at school. His was an act of friendship and solidarity. Perhaps there is hope for our future. Please read about her journey and, if you are so inclined, give.

Now with further ado, may I present Elise.

Hi, my name is Elise Ekrem and I’m a 9 year old girl who lives in Boulder, Colorado. My dad has participated in the St. Baldrick’s event for the past several years & I’ve watched him get his head shaved each time. Last year I asked my parents if I could do it the next time with my dad. My mom was reluctant to say yes, so she kept saying “we’ll see”.

This year when it was time for my dad to join, I asked again and the answer was a very reluctant “ok”. My mom wishes I could find another way to help because she loves my long, healthy hair, but she wants to support my ideas too.

On March 16th, I got my head shaved with my dad & a bunch of other people at the St. Baldrick’s event. I raised $620.00 that will go towards research for children’s cancer. I also made sure to make little braids in my hair so I could donate the hair to you guys so you could make wigs for kids who have cancer. I hope this helps a lot of people. The pictures below show the process.

If you want to check out my St. Baldrick’s web page and make a contribution, here’s the address:

Elise Ekrem
Age 9
Boulder, Colorado

Image 4

Her hair is braided into tiny braids to prep the hair for donation.

Image 7

 The braids are shaved off at the scalp at a St. Baldrick’s event at Celestial Seasons.

Image 2

Her father was being shaved at the same time.

Image 5

Fully shaved and ready to go.

Image 6

Lots of good hair for children’s wigs.

Image 3

A family that shaves together, stays together. images-1

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    • Hi. I’m Elise Ekrem. I’m 12 now. (I’m the one who shaved my head.) Thank you so much. I really appreciate all the compliments.

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