Liebster Award!

Hooray! I got nominated for the Liebster Award by one of my favorite bloggers at mancakestheblog. I’m excited about this because 1) it means a lot to me that other bloggers enjoy my work and 2) I can now change my “award” tab to “awards” with an “s”. It seems less pathetic, no?

Part of my duties is to answer these questions so here goes.

1- What book can you read over and over again?

Love in the Time of Cholera, hands down. I’ve read it dozens of times already and each time I get something new of it. Gabriel Garcia Marquez is an amazing observer of human nature and yet so generous and understanding of our flaws.

2- If you were the new Pope what’s the first thing you would do?

Lift the ban on birth control.

3- What’s your personal favorite post on your blog?  Please include the link!

My blog is about a couple things, namely purging junk from my life and pole dancing. This is my favorite pole dancing post and this is my favorite post on cutting the crap.

4- Complete this sentence: I have never, ever _________________________

Wow, this is harder than it seems. I have to choose just one thing? Okay. I have never, ever watched Jersey Shore or Real Housewives of any kind. I have never worked at a strip club (although everyone thinks I have). I have never, ever wished I had girls instead of boys.

5- Tell us a little bit about where you live.

I live in Boulder, Colorado. It’s a magical place where fat people are asked to leave and people drop drugs on the sidewalk.

6- Donald Trump offers you $1,000,000 cash to have sexy time with him…just him, no threesomes.   Would you do it?

Is this a trick question? Are we talking before or after taxes?

Well duh, of course, I mean, it’s A MILLION DOLLARS! I could go to my happy place for 15 damn minutes.

7- We are making a movie about your life; who plays you?

So easy! I just had this conversation last night! I asked everyone at the party which washed-up 80s actor would play them in a made-for-TV biopic and I chose Kristy McNichol.

8- What’s the title of the movie about you?

Salt, Sugar, Fat, Sex, Money, Power.

9- If you owned a mega yacht, what would you name it?


10- What the hell is wrong with Lindsay Lohan?

She has the emotional intelligence of a toddler and parents who don’t know how to parent and didn’t do their job when she was six. Then she ran into bunch of money and could buy friends who never challenged her. We’ll be seeing her in a porn very, very soon.

11- Are we there yet?

We were there ages ago, we just failed to enjoy the moment.

Now I get to nominate 11 bloggers that make my life better, or at least that’s how I see it.

Savor The Simple Life  The title explains it all.

5K House in Cincinnati  I love this project. Someone bought a house for $5000 and rehabbed it. What treasures were found.

L.C. Spoering A writer with a wonderful voice.

Jason Todd Ipson This is my friend’s blog, we’re on similar paths of minimalism and intentional living.

Dad’s Drawers A beautiful photo journal of one man’s possessions.

Team Alchemist Blog Bike rider by day, ER doc by night.

Fighting Clutter We have a few things in common.

A Gripping Life I love her com passional voice and the close look she takes at herself.

From Here to Where? My friends’ blog as they travel the world.

Flying Spinner For the pole dancer in me.

That’s 10. I have an 11th but I can’t find her dang blog!

Okay, Liebster inductees here are your 11 questions to answer, should you accept your nomination:

1) Look around and tell me ten things you would get rid of right now.

2) Tell me one thing that really embarrasses you.

3) Salty or sweet?

4) Name your three desert island foods.

5) If you could choose your own name, what would it be?

6) What word really irritates you and why?

7) Would you rather have the power of invisibility or flight, and why?

8) What is your guiltiest pleasure?

9) Would you trade the deep storage contents of your basement/attic/storage unit/unopened boxes for $10,000, sight-unseen? How about for another year of life?

10) What 10 things would you take if couldn’t go back home (not including people).

11) Tell me something you are dying for me to know.

Should you choose to accept this award and mission, please answer my 11 questions, nominate 11 bloggers with less than 200 followers (ideally, but I have no idea if I did so just do what you want), and come up with 11 compelling questions for them to answer to.  Make sure to link to them in your post and alert them. You were nominated because I think you are great.


8 thoughts on “Liebster Award!

  1. Thank you, Vivienne!! This is such an honor. I love your answers and the questions you came up with for your nominees. Very clever.
    Just in time for my 200th post.
    Have a beautiful rest of your day.

  2. Congrats, I won an award on my blog once but seemed to of misplaced the image before I could post it. But then I have a completely different type of blog. Mine is for a graphic design hobby.

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